Chapter 38

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"Let's get this game day started!" Jacob yelled as he burst into my house. After taking 40 minutes to find shoes, we decided to head home. It was exactly 1:30 when we got home. I had decided to invite Jacob to 'family day' to because he texted me that he felt left out and lonely. I led my friends to the living room where my entire family was waiting.
"It's about time you got here." Della sasses.
"It's only 1:32, we're on time." I say, glancing at the clock.
"Yes but Mom's been making us watch movies and play games ever since you've left. Please put me out of my misery." Cameron sighed dramatically and flopped onto the couch.
"It couldn't have been that bad." I say. Mom smiles widely and behind her Della, Cameron, and Dad give me death glares.
"I see you brought friends." Mom says.
"Ya hope it's fine." I say and walk over to the couch. I shove Della and Cameron onto the floor and the four of us squeeze onto the couch.
"What was that for?" Della demands.
"My friends and I needed somewhere to sit." I say with a shrug.
"No fair does that mean I can invite my friends over too?" Cam asks Mom.
"No now let's play Monopoly." Mom says excitedly and grabs the board game off of the floor.
"We call the hat and boot!" Rina and I yell and reach forward for our lucky pieces. At the same time, Jay and Jacob try to grab the same pieces. Rina reaches the pieces first and hands me my hat.
"No fair!" "Those are our pieces!" Jay and Jacob yell at us.
"Nun uh it's ours." Rina and I say simultaneously.
"No way!"
"Yes way!"
"No way!"
"Mom tell them that these are ours." I turn to my mom and she looks between the four of us with a small smile.
"Sorry boys but they do always pick those." Mom says.
"But so do we."
Rina and I stick our tongue out at them and they grumble and take two other pieces.
"You guys are weird." Cam says.
"Thank you." The four of us say together.
"So very weird." Della whispers and rolls her eyes.
"I'm gonna beat all of your asses- I mean butts..." Jacob trailed off awkwardly and glanced at my parents.
"Jacob we don't live in a church, you can cuss. Watch: ass ass booty ass shit fuck bastard bitch." Rina says loudly. I try to contain my giggles as Dad gives her a look. Dad doesn't like cussing so Rina always cusses in front of him to tick him off. She's playing with fire but it's still hilarious.
"Does that mean I can cuss then?" Cam asks. We all ignore him and Dad and Rina have a stare down.
"Rina, you're grounded." He says sternly.
"But I don't live here." She rebuttals
"You might as well. Fine, Mira you're grounded." Dad looks smugly at me.
"That's not fair!"
"No phone." He holds out his hand.
"Ok, sure. I hardly use my phone."
"Then no tv."
"I'll just watch Netflix on my phone."
"No books."
"I hardly read any more."
"No.. No Rina. Or Jacob or Jay. They're all banned from this house for a week." Dad smiles in triumph.
"No me?!" Rina yells.
"No you." Dad confirms.
"You can't stop us from seeing her at school." Jacob points out. Dads face falls as he realizes he's lost.
"Then she'll be locked in her room for a week with no contact." He says uncertainly.
"How is that punishment? I always wanna stay home from school."
"Alright fine you're ungrounded." He says in defeat.
"Greta now that it's settled, let's play." Mom is practically bouncing up in down from excitement.
"Screw you. You're such a cheater!" Cameron yells at Rina and I. I glance over at her and see that she's trying not to laugh.
"Cameron calm down." Mom says sharply and yanks him back into his seat.
"We didn't cheat." I repeat. I'm lying straight through my teeth, though. Of course we cheated. We always cheated so we could end family game day early.
"Yes you did!" He tried to get up out of his seat again but Mom held him down.
"Nah uh." Rina sticks her tongue out at him.
"Can I go now?" Della sighs in a bored tone.
"No." Mom tells her. I look around at everyone; Della and Dad seemed bored, Mom seems frustrated, Cameron is pissed, Jay and Jacob appear confused, and Rina looks pleased.
"I swear on Jay and Jacob's life that we didn't cheat." Rina says. Both boys look over at her in alarm.
"They don't count. They're not important enough to swear on." Cameron all but growls at us.
"Objection." Jacob stands up and says.
"Shut up." I tell him and he sits back down. "Fine then I swear on Rina's life. Is she important enough for you?"
"And I swear on Mira's life that we didn't cheat." Rina says.
Cameron glances between us, trying to tell if we're lying. Eventually, he sighs in resignation.
"Fine. I believe you." He says.
"Great back to the game." Mom smiles and rolls the dice.
"Just because I believe them doesn't mean that I'm willing to play with them anymore." Cameron stands up and walks away.
"Im out too." Della follows him. Rina and I quickly stand too and gesture to Jay and Jacob to follow us. We walk upstairs to my room in silence.
"Well that was intense." Jacob says as he sits on the floor.
"We warned you." Rina tells him and joins me on the bed.
"Did you really steal his money?" Jay asks. Rina and I glance at each other before grabbing the fake money from our pockets.
"Of course you cheated." Jacob shakes his head.
"We'd been sitting there for an hour and a half. We were bored." I tell him.
"Wanna watch some Netflix?" Rina asks as she turns on my tv. Jay sits next to me and I lean into him. Then, Jacob jumps off the floor and onto my bed. Out of instinct, I shove him off.
"Jay's sitting on your bed." He points out.
"But I'm dating her." Jay smirks.
"But I'm her best friend. I wanna sit on the bed too." He whines. I roll my eyes and scoot over a little. I pay the space next to me and he excitedly sits down. The four of us were completely squished on the bed as we watched Netflix for the next few hours.
Around dinner time, Jay and Jacob finally decided to leave. Jay kissed me on the forehead and walked out the door. Jacob started to walk out but stopped.
"We need a handshake." He tells me. He walks back over to me and grabs my hand.
"Have you ever seen Parent Trap?" He asks.
"Duh. Everyone with a cool childhood has seen that movie." I say and roll my eyes.
"No need to be sassy. Let's do the handshake that Annie had with Martin. First we do this... Then that. No not like that, like this.. Ok then this.."
We attempt the handshake but it's a huge mess. It resembles nothing like the one from the movie.
After a few tries, we finally give up.
"Learn it tonight and we'll try again tomorrow." He says.
"Okie dokie."
He leaves and I shut the door.
"Are you really gonna learn that?" Rina asks me.
"Maybe. I don't know."
"You guys are such nerds." She scoffs.
"You're just jealous of our relationship."
"Um no."
"Uh totally."
"Such a nerd." She repeats and heads to the kitchen. She's totally jealous.

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