twenty-two//reno, nevada

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twenty-two//reno, nevada
[June 22, 2017
1:07 pm]

Zheng stretched his arms as he was released into the cafeteria with his fellow inmates sitting around eating. Zheng didn't knowledge anyone as he moved around towards the table closest to the wall, and sat down.

Running a hand through his hair, Zheng glanced around looking at the scenery to notice that all eyes were in him. He heard the muttering about him but no one dared to approach him. Glancing down at the food before him Zheng turned his face in annoyance.

Closing his eyes Zheng sighed as he itched for a cigar as he opened his eyes he was met face to face with a crooked nose and faded green eyes

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Closing his eyes Zheng sighed as he itched for a cigar as he opened his eyes he was met face to face with a crooked nose and faded green eyes. The man had to at least in his late forties his black strikes with gray as well as his beard an group of at least six directly behind him.

'Weaklings.' Zheng thought holding back his chuckle.

"You're the little twink that took out Lamb and Moore in only your first week here." The man snorted as he reached over to touch Zheng's face only to have his hand gripped and snapped back. Zheng glanced back to see twins but his attention when back to the man trying to break free.

The bones in his hand making a horrible crackling sound earning a smile from Zheng. The man fell back onto the ground his group immediately rushing to his side helping him up as the guy started yelling for a guard.

Ranier snorted as the other moved towards the fallen man bending down to lock eyes with the man. "You really think the guards are gonna believe you, Antonio?" He sneered while the Garion kneeled down to stare at the man.

"Me and my brother on the other hand are role model inmates who happen to sons of an important political figure while your a crack head turned pimp to feed your addiction.

I can always say you made some sexually advance towards me or my brother which will result in you spending some time downstairs with the guards. You wouldn't want that would you so if I was you I would shut the fuck up before something worse happens." Garion threaten as Ranier grabbed the back of his shirt pulling his twin back.

The man, Antonio immediately stiffened at the mention of downstairs as he order his group to help him up. Zheng walked as he hurried away with his broken hand in his arms. His face red as he glanced back at the twins catching they're eyes before rushing away.

Zheng turned to met the eyes of two identical pairs of hazel eyes watching him. Ranier took the seat as Garion took his own seat directly in his lap. Zheng glanced around and no one seemed surprised not ever the guards.

Some of them looked disgusted but otherwise stayed stoic about the sight.

"Garion there's a seat right beside mem" Ranier growled but he made no attempt to remove the other. Zheng listened as the twins argued with each other for a minute. Snapping his fingers in front of their faces making them both freeze and turn towards Zheng with sheepish looks.

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