The Boogeyman Ritual

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This, is the Boogeyman ritual.

Yeah, go ahead and laugh, but you haven't tried it, have you?

If you want to try it I'm not stopping you. Just not condoning it.

First, let me tell you the risk versus reward.

Reward: Unbelievable luck and fortune for six months and one wish.

Risk: Being dragged into darkness from your bed, never to return to this world.

Here are the steps (please read all before attempting).

1. This ritual must be done after 12 AM. This is when the Boogeyman is most active. Gather three candles and carve a letter B into them. This will let the Boogeyman know it's him you are calling out.

2. Put on your sleep attire. Do everything you usually do before bed, but do not go to sleep just yet.

3. Light the candles and turn out all light sources.

4. Open your closet door by a hair, just so you can barely see the darkness within.

5. Go lay face up in your bed with your blanket at your feet so it can easily and quickly be pulled over yourself. Your blanket is your protection.

6. Say the following:

Boogeyman, creator of fear. I am not afraid. Boogeyman, king of darkness. Bring me the dark. Boogeyman, Boogeyman, I invite you in.

7. Quickly pull your blanket over you. It must cover every inch of your body.

8. Do. Not. Move. No matter how scared you get, how much noise you hear, don't move.

9. At this point, the Boogeyman is in your closet, peering out at you. He is trying to scare you out of the blankets by making noise. Don't leave the blankets.

10. After 15-30 minutes have passed (depending on how still you are), the noises will stop and you will feel a large presence next to your bed. Do not look.

11. Say the following:

Boogeyman, Boogeyman, welcome to my home. I am not afraid, I welcome you here.

12. You now have the Boogeyman's attention. Tell him your wish kindly.

13. Still under your blankets, it is time to send the Boogeyman on his way. Softly say to him:

Boogeyman, Boogeyman, Mother is coming.

14. Stay under your blankets for 30 seconds after that. After 30 seconds, you are safe to emerge. Enjoy your rewards and goodnight.


If you become overwhelmed with fear and must abort, here is how it is done.

Scream "Mother, mother, mother! I am afraid!"

The Boogeyman will think someone is coming and leave quickly.

Also, if you, at any point, become uncovered or a foot sticks out, the Boogeyman will grab the exposed limb and drag you into the closet and you will live in agony for the rest of eternity. This is why I stress that you must. Stay. Covered.

Good luck.

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