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Min Nuel's POV

" Oh my gosh he's such a jerk!!" I winced as I heard my best friend, So Young, complain about JungKook, the school's bad boy that tend to play with girl's heart.

" I told you not to date him right?" I mutter to the huffing girl.

" Well yeah... But don't blame me!" He's soooo hot." I shiver inwardly as she goes on about him being hot.

" Okay enough, come on we have gym. And you know how Kim Seongsaenim is when we are late right." I cut her off with a reminder of her punishment for being late.

" Please don't remind me..." she muttered grumpily. I chuckled and opened up the doors to the gym to see half the class there, including the popular clique.

JungKook's POV

There she is Park Min Nuel. The girl of my dreams. Well every guys dream. She was walking with my ex, known as her Best Friend. Well I broke up with her because she was way to demanding.

I stared at her walking in with her hair braided to a side and her gym attire. She faced me and her eyes caught mine as she flashed a small smile.

Well what you didn't know was that Min Nuel is the only one that knows the true me. She hates being the centre of attention so she hangs out with lesser known people leaving me under the spotlight.

" CLASS PLEASE ASSEMBLE!!" Said Kim Seongsaenim, well... more like screamed.

The class slowly assembled and Seongsaenim decided to pair us up with another gender to play frisbee.

Min Nuel's POV

Frisbee? Okay as long as it's not a ball game it's fine. Well a lot of girls were whispering to get their partner to be JungKook. Dear gosh they need to shut up.

" - So Young with Suga, lastly Min Nuel with Jungkook" Gasps were heard as girls glare at me including So Young.

"Lucky ass." So Young as I scoffed and said. " At least you won't need to face his wrath my dear girl," I hissed.

" Touche," she says making me laugh. I walked next to JungKook as he nudged me.

" Hi shorty," he teased.

" Hello big head, now when will you stop being a player hm?" I asked glaring daggers.

" Okay okay. I'm stopping. So Young will be the last one." He says looking at me with sorry eyes.

" She better be, cause i don't wanna hear no more girls crying to me arrasso?" I glowered. He gulps and nods.

" But on one condition," he says cheekily. I sighed and looked at him with an eyebrows raised.

" You go out with me and I'll prove to everyone that I'm no longer a player,"


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