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requested by: LorMJack

" OMG LOR!!!! BTS IS COMING TO MINNESOTA!!!! " my best friend yelled.


The concert was tomorrow and your bias is JungKook.


You and your Best Friend were sitting at the VIP area which was at the very front of the stage. You guys got seated and waited awhile before BTS comes out.

" WOOOO HOW ARE MY ARMYS DOING? " Rap Monster shouted while coming out following by the rest of the members by age.

You keep your eyes to the curtain waiting for JungKook to come out.

Finally, there he was. He looked to your direction and locked eyes with you for a second before Rap Monster said that they were going to perform a song.



" Hey yo ladies and gentlemen " You heard JungKook sang. The crowd went wild.

You noticed that JungKook kept glancing at you.

They had a short Q&A and meet and greets in between performances.

" Everyone of you boys pick one lady and bring them up to stage." The MC said.

You didn't really expect JungKook to come and choose you or anything out of all the hundreds of people that came. JungKook walked over and asked for your hand to bring you up on stage.

Being a fan girl of course you will be shock.

You guys played games and all with the other fans and member of BTS. Before the fans were told to go back to their seats. JungKook took out a backstage pass and passed it to you secretly telling you to meet him at the backstage after the performance.

You walked to the backstage just as they ended and saw JungKook. He bring you to the nearby park after wearing all his disguise.

" Lor. ( He knew your name because of the play session of the fans and idol ) I know we just saw each other at the concert but I got to say this I know it's a little crazy but I like you. From the moment I walked out of the backstage your eyes caught me. I couldn't help but to glance at you throughout the performance. " He stopped and started to see your reaction.

You were waiting for the question you thought he would ask. Your heart was beating non stop.

" So would you be my Girlfriend? " He continued.

At that moment you couldn't come to think if you were actually dreaming.

" Yes " You replied.

His face immediately light up with the widest smile and hugged you.

" I love you Lor. "

" I love you too "


hey hey hey guess whose back. so i came back with one of the request and although it's not the best. I tried. exams are finally over and I will probably start updating more I promise. sorry but requests are still close due to the amount of request I have to do. I will immediately open it after I finished with the requests. Hope you guys like this imagine and stay for more. Ooooo and thanks for 21K views guys.

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