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" hey Jessica! There is an upcoming dance competition we should go together! " BamBam said.

" we should it's the one tomorrow right? " Jessica asked. " Yup " Bam replied.


Jessica POV
I'm here outside the venue waiting for Bam just as that thought came I received a call from Bam. " Hey Jessica! I couldn't go I sprained my ankle bit don't worry my friend is on his way over. His name is JaeBum you can call him JB. " Bam said.

" Hi are you Jessica? " A guy came over assuming that he is JaeBum. " Yes " I replied.

" Ohh you look beautiful" He said and blushed after.
" let's go in the dance is about to start" he continued.

We went in and the dance started.

They played a slow song for a slow dance.

You felt JB put his hand at your waist while you have yours straddling his neck. During the slow dance you couldn't help but stare into JB's eyes. Slowly you find JB lean forward. There you guys kissed.

He pulled away. " Jessica I know we only knew each other for less then a day but I have to tell you that I love you. I know it might sound crazy but I'm serious. So would you be my Girlfriend? " JB closed his eyes waiting for your answer.

" Yes " You said. He immediately opened his eyes and hugged you tightly.

This was the best dance competition, you didn't win award but you won someone that you know can take care of you.


ok guys this imagine is not tt good but hope you guys like it. 💖 I will be updating more now. Holidays is in a week WOOOOOO. okay till next time guys.

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