《Special Story》

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Mioka : Sorry for not updating lately. Mioka was busy with Mid Test and other school projects. Mioka promise to update when Mioka have time. This chapter special for all my reader-chan who want to see karma.

Karma : What is the meaning of this, Mioka! *come out using vampire costume*

Mioka : Well, this chapter special for celebrate the halloween. Saa~ you better hurry! [Name] is waiting for you! For little information, this chapter is not related to the main story and i changed '(y/n)' to '[Name]'.


[Name] POV:

Halloween. It's the day where the gate between the underworld and human world opens. The day where all the kids wear costumes and go to each other's houses for trick or treating. Well, Halloween is my favorite day too. Today was the day where I could show my true self.

My name is [full name], I'm 15 years old, and I'm a witch. Once a year, when the full moon comes on Halloween, the portal to my world opens and I can go home to see my family. Maybe you're wondering what I'm doing in human world.

On my 15th birthday, my parents—the rulers of the witch realm—sent me to the human world to make my spells stronger, since it will be more effective on humans than other witches. This training will stop when I reach my 17th birthday.

Now I'm wearing my favorite black witch dress and looking at my reflection in the mirror. "Okay, everything is perfect!" I take my black hat and black boots. "Saa, it's time to go!"

This year, Korosensei wants us, the End Class, to throw a party at the school yard, since it's the only place for us to kill Korosensei during the party. This time, my power will finish him for sure. But I must be careful or my real identity will be discovered by the other students in the class. I walked casually to the forest until I spotted the yard. It's seems like I'm the first one to arrive.

"Let's see...Maybe I can set a trap here...or maybe here." I started to use my power to set the trap, this deadly trap for Korosensei. Well, I'm really a genius!

"Well, well, well, look who we have here." I stopped and turned, only to see Karma in his Vampire costume. Did a mortal just see me using my power? I'm really in big trouble!

"Ka-Karma?! It's nice to see you! Hehe..." This is awkward; really awkward. I can see him smirking right now. "Please don't tell anyone about what you saw!"

"Heh...but it's interesting. What will I gain by keeping your secret from everyone else?"


"Well, then I will tell everyone!" Did he just...

"Fine! I will give you anything!" Well, I take that back. Why? Because Karma is smirking and I don't know what is he thinking.

"Jaa, what if i want your blood?" Blood? Is he crazy?!

"I'm serious." He came closer and I backed away until my back hit the tree. He chuckled and I saw something. Fangs!

"Don't you dare, vampire!"

"Finally, you notice it, [Name]-chan." His face came nearer and nearer. I felt his breath on my face. "You were never as clever as me."

I closed my eyes and wait for the right moment to hit him with my power. I will never let any monster drink my blood! But I didn't feel any pain. Instead, I felt something soft on my cheek. H-he just kissed my cheek!?

I opened my eyes and pushed Karma away as I glared at him. He just chuckled and left. "See you tomorrow, princess tomato-chan."



Mioka : Finally finished! Sorry for late update. This story is special for Halloween.

Karma : But halloween was yesterday.


Karma : well whatever~


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