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For once in my risible life, I woke up full of nothing but energy. Usually when I woke up it was around three in the afternoon and I felt like a flaming piece of sh-t. Today, however, I actually woke up in time enough to smell the hot bacon, eggs and pancakes that either Constance or Blair was laying down in the kitchen. With all the stamina that was flowing through my veins, I felt like I could do anything that I put my mind to, which was rare. My teachers back in high school would always tell me that I could excel if I kept my mind on the books, rather than girls and weed. I never thought I was capable, but oddly now, I felt like I could solve any satanic math problem that was thrown at me.

My mind was working like never before. Whenever I woke up this early, the only thing I thought about was blood, murder and death but this morning everything was just different. I was happy, energetic and even slightly horny. Who am I kidding? I'm always slightly horny.

I got up from my bed with way too much pizzazz. It was almost like those stupid family television shows. The people on those shows were always a little too energetic. Now here I was resembling Uncle Jesse, or Steve Urkel or whatever corny television character that you want to imagine right now. This wasn't like me at all. There was too much liveliness. So much energy was built inside of me and I just felt like I needed to let some of it out. Therefore, I began doing everything that I could think of. I f-cked around and did an intense drum session for ten minutes, then I did a few hundred push-ups, lifted some weights that oddly felt like lifting feathers and then took a cold shower.

After doing all of that and getting ready, I still felt like I had drank a thousand Monsters. What the f-ck was wrong with me? Last night, I remembered the storm happening and Sophia, our angelic godmother, telling us some story about a woman striving to end the world and about how I was the paramount. For all I knew that woman could be making it all up. She probably called me the paramount because she saw the mountain pendent hanging on my necklace. I looked down at the pendent and fondled with it for a second. I wondered what Violet would think about all of this.

She would probably believe every word. Violet was always into those certain things. She loved exploring different religions but Christianity was her go to. So as soon as Sophia revealed that she was an angel and obviously working for God, Violet would freak the f-ck out and probably ask a million questions about what Heaven was like. I didn't really believe, but I guess I had no choice now. The evidence was right in my f-cking face last night. That woman poofed and popped up everything she needed, knew all about us and not to mention, she was f-cking shiny. If that's not a true angel then I don't know what is. It's just peculiar to me. Why would such a high and mighty God pick a bunch of no good girls who weren't even accepted by their own families let alone society to save the world? I guess it was true about what my mom always says, the dude works in mysterious ways.

A knock on the door caught my attention. I stopped staring at the pendant that Violet had gifted me and erased my mind off of her and religion. "Who the f-ck is it," I yelled. I already knew it was one of the girls, but it was just fun to be f-cking annoying. Seriously, you should try it sometime. Annoying people is the best thing about life.

"It's Blair, you idiot!"

A smirk played on my face as soon as I heard her voice. Her and I had been getting on quite well lately. I had grew on her and it was obvious that she had the biggest crush on me. I liked Blair too. She was more than beautiful. Her eyes took me back to all the happy moments I had ever had in life. The way she smiled made me forget all about my troubles. Those huge ass tits of hers, well, they just made me really f-cking horny.

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