Steve Rogers x Reader

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   Y/N'S POV

  Y/N L/N here. I had been blessed with the opportunity to live in New York. I have been providing for myself for a while now, long before the time came for me to get a job and stuff. The most important thing about me was: I was a huge Captain America fan.
  My mother used to tell me amazing stories of Captain America as a child, and I listened through the good and the bad moments. You could ask me any question regarding these stories, and I was ready to hit you with the correct answer.

  At this very moment, I was just chilling at the park. However, a little girl ran up to me. She looked like she could have been about 7 or 8 years old. She also had blue eyes and long, brown hair. Immediately, I looked around for her parents or someone who looked like they were looking for this little girl.

  After about five minutes, I asked her,"What is your name?"

  She smiled and said,"Jessica."

  I nodded and said,"Do you need help finding your parents or something?"

  Jessica's face dropped, and she said,"I do not have a family. Can I stay with you?"

  I didn't know if I was capable of taking care of a child, but maybe it was a sign from God. Who knew...However, I knew that if this girl truly didn't have any parents, then I couldn't just leave her at this public park on her own. I had to assume that she had gotten here on her own, but I didn't want some guy or woman to take her and do something to her.

  I just crouched down in front of her and asked her,"Do you like orange juice?"

  Jessica nodded and squealed saying,"I love orange juice!!"

  I smiled and took her hand saying,"Let's go, then. This way."

  I grabbed Jessica's hand, and we walked through the sidewalks of New York.
  When I walked into the coffee shop, I bumped into someone, and the coffee wasted all over their shirt.

  I frowned and frantically said,"I am so sorry!! I am such an idiot!!"

  I looked up and was about to offer the person another coffee, but I just froze. It was CAPTAIN AMERICA HIMSELF!!
  Inside, I squealed and did back flips, but on the outside, I was still frozen.

  He chuckled and waved a hand in front of my face, asking me,"Ma'am, are you still there?"

  I snapped out of my trance and said,"Yeah, sorry. I am Y/N L/N. Sorry about your shirt. I will get you a new one, I promise."

  He shook it off and said,"No, it is quite all right, ma'am. I am..."

  I shook his head and smiled saying,"Steve Rogers a.k.a. Captain America."

  Steve smiled and said, clearly taken back,"You know who I am?"

  I smiled and said,"Who would not know who you are? You are too hot to miss."

  I covered my mouth, and Jessica laughed.

  Steve chuckled and said,"Ma'am, I will take that as a compliment. May I say something else to you?"

  I nodded and said,"Sure, Captain, unless you're about to make fun of me."

  Steve smiled and said,"Ma'am, I can replace this shirt. You do not have to give me anything. It was an accident. Y/N, would you like to join me for dinner, tonight? I will pay for our meal. "

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