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Writer's {Brief} POV

She put her underwear back on. Emma turned Killian around and pushed him onto the bed, then sat on his lap both of her legs on either side of him. He straddled her legs with his big hands. Their tongues still battling it out. She went from lips to ear to jawline to sucking on his neck.

"Emma". They way her name rolled off his tongue was a huge turn on. Emma moved her hands further down to unzip his 'not leaving much to the imagination' leather pants.

Emma's POV

I noticed when I was sitting on his lap, I could vaguely feel his dick extra hard in the space between my vagina and my ass. My imagination was running wild at that point. I wanted his dick on me, in my ass and in other places. I unzipped his pants and dragged them down and off of his legs. Then I got a full glimpse of the outline of his dick."Killian, I always wanted to ask you this. How big are you exactly?"

"About 8 inches love. That big enough for you?" He said as an arrogant smile crept upon his face also with his hands above his head.

"You're in for a suprise." With that I was stroking his big dick through this underwear. I couldn't take the excitement anymore. I would have to say it did mighty ravishing tonight especially with the dim light gleeming off the candles. Killian moved his hands to my breasts massaging. I was moaning- he was moaning- we both was just some moaning ass mother fuckers.

She pulled his underwear down and his thick, hard dick sprung out like a... well a hard dick out of its pants. She moved herself to the edge of the bed.

I handled his 8 inch piece of sexy with care as I was stroking it as first. I used both my hands at first simply like it was a pepper shaker. He groaned. "Urgh Emma eh...babe. You are so good at what you do." He moaned extra loud. His dick was getting harder every tug. My hands were small compared to his thickness.

I immediately put it in my mouth, I had a very stern grip on the shaft. I didn't go all the way deep; therefore teasing him. He keeps moaning. That was a sign to deep throat his dick, occasionally I would suck on his balls, I surely didn't have a problem doing it. He damn near put his whole face in my pussy. I would play with the tip of his dick with my tongue. I'm sure all of my saliva was on his dick. During periods of time like these I would spit or drool and then deep throat it all over again. It's more like repitition now. Which eminated a groan from Killian. "Uhh. Emma baby....Stroke it at the same time. Multitask sweetheart. Ahhh." He placed his hands on the back of my head, he slightly rubbed my hair; causing me to literally deep throat his 8 inch dick, instantaneously making me moan while still having his dick in my mouth. It was so big I loved every part of it. I damn near chocked but isn't that a good thing.

I knew he was close to busting a nut, I could feel it tensing in my hands. He sat up and pulled it out of my mouth. He brought me up and kissed me sloppily. He was pulling on his circumsized genital as if he was jacking himself off.

"Take off that underwear love." Killian said even though I already reached my cumming point but for him anything. "You are about to ride me,Emma."

I moaned. " Whatever you like baby."

He pulled me onto his dick with all his strength. He layed back back down with his hands on my ass. My legs bent behind me and I put my arms above his head we interlaced fingers. Then we started moving together.

I could hear deep moans coming from him as well I let some slip out. My body was gyrating on top of him back and forth, " Emma move faster, love." He grunted and moaned extra seductively. I did as he complied to his wishes. Killian was grabbing my ass hard. I bet there are gonna be bruises on both my ass cheeks later on. How sexy. His dick was rubbing against my nerving spot in my clit. I whipped my hair from the right side to the legs while still grinding on him. " I'm about to cum baby. Hop off, I want this in your mouth not in your pussy. Save that for next time."

With that I gladly hopped off, he started rapidly tugging on it. My tongue made it way to the tip as I sucked it, licked it while Killian pushed my head encouraging my mouth to go deeper. I moaned on his dick; it got louder and louder as time passed. Killian started stroking it faster and faster, until I was on my knees and he stood up on the bed. He busted right on my face but mostly in my mouth. He moaned. I grabbed his dick one last time and put it in my mouth with his cum on my tongue. He took it back out and I swallowed all of it. It was a nice amount.

We both layed down on the bed peacefully, both of us breathing heavily. Silence filled the room not long before Killian and I caught our breath and spoke at the same time.

"That was the best sex ever." We said in unison He chuckled, I laughed. I got up and blew out all the candles and turned out all the lights in my apartment. I came and he was under the covers knocked out.

So I decided to join him in his slumber. I climbed in the bed gently not trying to wake him and wrapped my leg around one of his. Then I layed my head on his chest and started drawing circles on his toned chest. He unconsciously wrapped his arms around my body. And I knew then I was truly safe in the arms of my lover and bestfriend. I softly whispered in his ear, "I love you Killian Jones. Until tomorrow my love."

°~~~° Sorry it took me so long to update. I had to work out some of the kinks of this chapter and consult of a few people to get what I was actually trying to achieve , Euphoria = Happiness.

°~~~° I kinda feel like I used overly "confident" words in this chapter chapter. Imma be flat out with y'all I don't use the word 'cock' I say 'dick' . That's why I used it here, I apologize in advance if it offended any of you.

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