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Pen Your Pride

Alexis POV

' Beep beep beep beep '

"Uhhhhhhhh I groaned as i blindly reached for the alarm clock on the side of my bed. I hit the snooze button and began to drift back to sleep when the alarm went of again.

" Why must you torture me today. " I mumbled as i reluctantly opened my eyes.

" MORNING LEXI!!!!!!! "

" WHAT THE FUC- gde biscuits in heaven above! Why are you in my face Alex. " I was now in a sitting position on the bed.

" Its morning. " Alex stated tilting his head slightly.

" I know that. More specifically why are you in my room? " I grumbled scratching my bedraggled hair and yawning.

" That's a good question to which I have an answer. Because its 7:42 am and it is to my knowledge that you have to get ready for school in eighteen minutes.

" Alex it is also to my knowledge that your mother drops you school, I have my own ride and I don't care. " I was now shamelessly smelling my armpits and scratching my but.

" Are you not aware that you are grounded for pulling that prank in Wednesday at grandpa's banquet. Soooo this means that your motorcycle is not to be used by you for a whole two weeks. "

" What?! " I practically shouted

" You also have ten minutes to get a ride from mom. Bye!! "

I ran to the shower and scrubbed my skin till it was pink. I jumped out the shower with soap sudds still on my feet and began to brush my teeth and attempt to get dressed at the same time.

I took my phone and of the dresser and checked the time. 7:55 am.

Five minutes to get dressed

Putting on a black graphic t-shirt, I putt my hair in a pony tail and zipped my fly up.

Two minutes

"Lexi! "

" I'm coming. " I ran down the stairs and out onto the driveway. I jumped into the car and slammed the car door.

Mom began to drive pressing down on the accelerator. Just as we were about to turn the corner, I yelled," Stop the vehicle "

I jumped out the car and ran back into the house. I climbed two steps at a time to reach my bedroom and hurriedly opened my dresser. I grabbed my fake glasses and put them on. I made my way to the car to a fuming little brother and mom.

" What, I cant see without them, " I lied as i buckled my seatbelt." Are you ready to go? "


" You look good today Taylor. Is the toothpaste stain in now or is it a plain accident as usual? " Chelsea taunted as I made my way to my locker.

" Good morning to you to Chelsea Bullen "

I got a few chuckles and snickers along with an intense glare from yours truly.

" Don't call me that again or youll regret it. "

By now we had all congregated around my locker. I took out my Trigonometry book and shut the locker with a bang.

" What, I thought we were on a last name basis now. "

" Alexis, don't push my buttons " she threatened inching slower to me making me back up against a locker.

" Oh trust me I wouldn't dream of it" I said pushing her away with my Trigonometry book

All of a sudden a path was made between all of the teens waiting for a physical fight to ensue.

"What's going on here " Aden Mathews, quarter back for the Hornets was talking with me.

" This bitch was calling me by my last name when I asked her not to. "

Aden's eyes swept over my figure from bottom to top, his gaze lingering on my chests.

Perverted bastard.

I raised my text book to my chest and smirked.

He didn't seem to like my actions so he said a little to loudly for my liking,

" She's not worth your anger. After all she's only some girl with toothpaste stains on her jeans. "

My mouth hung open and my eyebrows reached my hairline.

He did not.

Oh yes he did.

At that remark. The bell rang signaling 1st period. Chelsea spun around and sauntered of to class with her boy toy in tow.

Soon the whole crowd dispersed leaving me and a few other students in hallways.

Well that was a good way to start the day

I sarcastically thought as I rushed down the hallway to class.

This was going to be one bad day


Hi guys i hope you enjoy my book.

I would just like to say that if this plot sounds familiar, it is. I just got it from another person

I just wanted to remake the story with linger chapters and more dipscription.

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