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A/n: The book gets better as it goes on I swear💙 I like 26/27 tbh

Emma ~

"Emma wake your ass up before I pour cold ass water on you!" Clair my wonderful friend yelled. As I threw my head up and and jumped out of bed and into my bathroom, Clair and I have been friends since kindergarten she lives with my brother and I, see out parents died when I was 12 and my brother was 16 and Clair's parents just left her out of know where so My brother and I took her in I am currently 16 and my brother is 20 Clair is also 16.

"Emma are you ready we have five minutes before school starts!" Clair yelled from downstairs. "Yes I am ready, now you can stop crying about me not being ready" "I'm not crying you make us late every single day" I ran downstairs grabbed an apple well holding Clair's hand and running out the door heading to Clair's car, and yes I have my own car I am just way to lazy to drive myself to school.

When we pulled up to school Clair and I were arguing about how late we were, I for one did not care how late we were. "It doesn't matter how late we are Clair!" "Yes it does we need to start getting to school on time Emma!" "What ever loser" "Bitch" Clair mumbled under her breath I punched her in the arm and she punched me back so I kicked her and ran looking back to see if she was on my trail which was a bad mistake because it caused me to hit something hard I feel to the ground.

"Emma!" Clair shouted "are you okay!" "Yes" as I look up to see what I hit I saw no other then the 'Bad Boy'  Tyler Maybard "Next time watch where you are going!" Tyler said "Sorry I didn't know there was a brick wall in front of me" I said as I smirked "and I didn't know an elephant was going тσ smash into me" he laughed "says the one who ran into me" I replied "E Emma we should go" Clair said ass she stuttered "I think you should listen to you friend the Sweetheart..." "Sweetheart? Ha there ain't nothing sweet about me jackass now if you'll excuse me I need to get to class until next time we meet oh gracious jackass" I scoffed "do you even know who I am sweetheart?!" "I don't need to know who you are to know that you are a complete Jackass" I smirked as I walked away.

Sorry I know this is a short chapter but it is late and it a school night.

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