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Katniss pov

Today is the last day of High School. I'm so excited to escape this place, but also nervous. I don't want to lose my special connection with all of my friends, but hopefully we will never lose our friendship. I have had such an amazing year, Peeta has stayed with me always. I keep going back to that one night at Finnick's house when I asked him to stay with me, and he said, "always." He kept his promise. Me and the group all put on our cap and gowns, and form a big group hug. I say a prayer. "Dear lord, thank you so much for getting us this far. We are so thankful to be in your arms when there are troubles. We are now going out owns ways and making our own marks on the world. We ask that you keep us safe and we never split apart. In Jesus name we pray, amen." They all repeat amen, and it's time for the ceremony to begin. I am the only one out of the group who is giving a speech, so when my name is called I walk up the the pedestal on the football field, and start speaking. "When I first moved to this school at the beginning of this year, I was very nervous. I had never been great at making friends. That had all changed when I met him. Peeta Mellark. He introduced me to his friends, Johanna, Gale, Finnick, Annie, and Delly. I soon joined the group, and for the first time in my life, I was truly happy. I fell in love with Peeta, and he fell in love with me. That may have been costly is the past, but it was all worth it. Here we are today, saying goodbye to our childhood, and hello to the future. I remember one night, when I asked Peeta to stay with me, he answered, always. He and my friends have changed my life tremendously. They have made me into a better person. And with that, I am so very grateful." I'm crying now. I get so many cheers. As I'm making my way back to my seat, Peeta comes up and kisses me. We get so many cheers and we don't stop until Johanna taps me on the shoulder. I am so grateful for our little infinity.

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