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Katniss pov

I wake up with Peeta in my arms. I realize that if my family sees him here, him and I are dead. I wake him up. "Peeta, you need to leave or we'll get in trouble. My parents won't support you spending the night in here." I say. I give him a passionate kiss before breaking away. "Goodbye babe, and happy birthday." Peeta says with a huge smile plastered across his face. Oh yeah, today is my birthday. Peeta gets up and runs over to his house, jumping into the window, before his mother figures out he was gone. His mother is a night mare. I went over to his house one time and knocked on the door. His mother answered. "Who the heck are you?" She spit at me. "I'm Katniss Everdeen, Peeta's girlfriend." I say, sounding defensive. "Get out of here, Katpiss Neverclean! And stay away from my son you pest!" I ran away from her house and later that day saw her hit Peeta with a rolling pin, that is used at his family bakery. Once Peeta is gone, I get a crop-top flowing red shirt with sleeves, high waisted white jeans, my origami owl necklace with small mockingjay, primrose, basketball, cross, and my birthstone inside. I put on my grey converse and put my hair into a fishtail braid. Peeta knocks on my door and gives me a plate of cheese buns. My favorite! I give him a quick kiss and he hurries home to get ready. My family comes downstairs and sings happy birthday to me. I hug them all. They each give me cards with little messages inside, and then I open presents. I'm given jewelry from prim, and my parents give me keys. I stare at them for a second, then I hear my parents. "Look in the garage." I run into the garage and sitting there, is an aqua colored 2 door jeep. I start crying tears of joy. I have wanted a jeep ever since I was 12 years old, and here it is. I hug and kiss them all, and drive off to school. I get there and go to my locker to get my books. I'm startled when I feel strong arms wrap around me. I turn around to see it's just Peeta. I kiss him on the cheek. "You look beautiful today." He says. "Why, thank you sir! And thanks for the cheese buns!" I tell him. "Let's go on a date tonight. I'll pick you up at 7:30. It's a surprise!" Peeta says. "Okay sounds great!" I answer, and we head off to class.

Before the date

I am stressing out. Peeta told me to wear something nice and I can't find anything. I soon pull out a sunset orange dress, Peeta's favorite color, and put it on. I also put on a gold necklace, earrings, and bracelet Prim got me. I put on gold flats, and put my hair up in a bun. I see Peeta's car outside and scurry out the door. He opens the door for me. "Ma lady," he says, and I giggle. "Thank you kind sir." I laugh. "So, where are we going?" I ask. "You'll see when we get there." He says. We soon arrive at an old abandoned house. "Umm, Peeta, why are we having a date at this old house?" "Just follow me." He says. I follow him up a ladder and I'm led to a beautiful roof top. "Oh Peeta, this is amazing." There is a table in the middle, lights hanging from the trees on each side of the house, and it seems the floor has been painted. He leads me over to the table with a white cloth draped over it, and feels my glass with water, along with his. He pulls out a wonderful dinner, steak, corn, mashed potatoes, and cheese buns. Oh, how I love cheese buns. We sit and talk about how much we love each other and watch the sun set. "Oh, I almost forgot. Here, Katniss, I got you something." He pulls out a beautiful painting of me in the meadow, holding a dandelion at sunset. "Oh it's beautiful Peeta. You are amazing with your hands, but all I needed was this." I lean over and kiss him, and he kisses back. He falls out of his chair, but we continue to kiss. We are having a full on make out session when I pull away. "It's getting dark. We should head back." I say. "We should," he agrees. He sneaks into my room again that night, and I don't have any nightmares. We continued to do this every single night.
Hi everyone!! Thanks for reading! I actually have that origami owl necklace with a Mockingjay, rose, basketball, cross, and my birthstone in it! Have a good day! Bye🏹🍞

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