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I felt I was being watched again. I have become used to this feeling over the years. My street was one of the oldest in the neighborhood.

I was alone at home, my parents way for business. I became used to this being alone. My parents left all the time leaving me alone. Every time they left I felt I was being watched. Usually if I told my parents they say I was pardoned or just wanted attention.

It was a cool Saturday afternoon in October, Halloween just weeks away. Being that I was now 16 I stayed home for Halloween watching TV. I didn't have much to do today so I sat in the living room reading The Mortal Instruments City of Heavenly Fire.

I walked toward the door at the end of the dark corridor. The door was blank nothing special about it. The door was made of a dark strong wood. It was the only door in the corridor. I couldn't fight the feeling that drew me closer. I felt possessed like I couldn't control my feet. When I was close enough to the door to open it I saw a small light. As I slowly reached out and grabbed the door knob I heard a scream.  

I shot up and screamed. Breathing I realized it was all a dream but the dream felt real. I decided to push the dream to the back of my mind. Think that it was nothing just a weird dream.

Looking at the time I saw it was almost six thirty. Deciding I should eat I stood up form the couch and walked into the kitchen. Walking to the cabinets I pulled out a bag of chips. I decided to go check the mail after I finished eating some chips. 

Stepping outside I walked down to the curb of the old home. The feeling of being watched returned. Looking around I noticed nobody outside or staring out their windows. So I shook the feeling and pulled out the mail. Checking the mail I noticed that one was not of our address. It was the address of the oldest house on the street, owned by a guy who's name was something Williams. I never knew this name. Mr. Williams   stayed inside and only came out once in a while. He lived there forever and had no friends.

Part of my mind said just walk over and deliver it but the other part says don't. I looked at the piece of mail, it didn't look like it was important, just a letter. 'If I don't deliver it to him and it was important what would I do then," I thought. Making up my mind.  I walked down the street to the old house he lived at.

The house was simple it looked just liked the rest on the street. A big front patio that lead to an old Oak door. The house was Two stories that had a basement. It was built as the major's house back in the civil war. So it was bigger then the rest on the street.

I stood at the front door and knocked. No one answered. I knocked again a minute later, this time louder. Still no answer but this time the door slightly opened. I know stupid idea but I walked in. The inside was dark almost spooky. It was like walking into an abandoned home. Like no one lived here for years, but Mr. Williams lived here.

"Mr. Williams sorry to barge in but your door was," I came to a dark corridor that had alight at the end. It was like my dream. I couldn't keep myself from going closer. I wished I hadn't gone closer to the door but I was almost possessed.  

I got to the end of the corridor that had the door on it. I went and grabbed the door to open. When I opened the door on the inside was small room but it wasn't the room that scared me it was what was in it. Lining the walls were different sized knifes ropes and devise that could be used to cause the body harm. In the middle of the bed like what they have in an asylum or prison. On that had straps for across the chest and arms, the knees, and one for each arm and leg.

I screamed when I felt an arm go around my chest and arms. "Sh sweetheart, your not supposed to be here." The hand around my waist was bony and pale. I tried to get away from him but he was quite strong for a bony person. He released me from my grip. I tried getting away form him.

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to. I just wanted to bring your mail. Swear I didn't see any thing," I cried cowering away form him.

"Now you see I don't believe you sweetheart." He walked closer and closer. He had me cornered. All this because of mail. "I can't have people knowing what goes on here." He had me up against the wall next to the door. I tried to run past him. Lifting my leg up to kick him but at an inhuman speed grabbed my leg. He shook his head. "Tsk Tsk Tsk sweetheart think you can get away." He leant down next to my ear and whispered, "Well you can't."   

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