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In a future much like the past, the world is one of chaos and turmoil. After innumerable wars and tragedies the world's essential resources have become scarcer than ever and the human population has decreased by the billions. With only their faiths to hold on to, the nations were divided and at war. A mysterious leader named Kwaade rose to power amidst all the chaos, leading a cult that would grow into the largest nation of them all. With an empire at his command and millions of loyal followers, Kwaade promised to set the world aright by doing away with the one thing he saw as its plague: religion. Many have fallen in Kwaade's path and many more have submitted to his evil will. But in these times of darkness, faith will be a light to guide those brave enough to bow only before God. Enter a world of bravery and belief, of conflict and chaos, heroism and hatred, read and enter a world of Empires of Faith...


Empires of Faith and the events therein are a work of creative fiction  Despite the war/action themed chapters and events within the story, the author does not intend by any means to incite hatred or violence towards or against anyone of any faith/lack of faith. The purpose of this story is purely as a source of entertainment and enjoyment. It is intended to be as entertaining, informative, and inspiring as any other such book. Therefore, do not take the story or anything in it out of context to attack or distort my beautiful religion or my creative storytelling. That applies to any and all readers. Thank you.

This story features Islamic themes and is mostly from the perspective of Muslims. Any foreign words and phrases are given an asterisk (*) beside them and are translated by the author at the end of each chapter.

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