zero : affliction

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THE NIGHT KIRA NAKATA DIED Ford O'Connell was at a party. His arm was dangling over Adalia's shoulder and her warm breath was fanning his nose as Kira took her shaky steps towards the bathtub.

Adalia's lips tasted like warm beer and his grandmother's sweet tea as Kira stripped off layer after layer of clothing, only to grimace at her bare skin.

Kira found herself staring at her scars, stretchmarks, and other imperfections for a little too long before stepping into the tub.

Ford found himself gawking over Adalia's puffy lips and the little freckles on her cheeks. Twenty-seven, he thought as he smiled foolishly, twenty-seven little dots.

Adalia tugged on Ford's arm, biting down on her pink lips as she pulled him from the couch.

Kira gripped the knife until her knuckles were stark white and painted a picture out of her own blood. She smiled then — at the thought of her father's favorite knife becoming tainted with her blood.

Ford followed Adalia's fruity scent and exaggerated laugh up the flight of stairs, and Kira heaved a sigh, bleeding, crying, sinking deeper and deeper until there was nothing left.

Adalia smirked at a shirtless Ford, and Kira Nakata became no more.


a/n: I'm so excited for the story! Hopefully, this is mini-chapter isn't too confusing. Please do let me know what you think!

much love, lana

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