Chapter 10

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A few weeks passed, and, luckily, I didn't grow wings. I kept sparring with my dad or Sir Aaron, as I could now easily beat two of the other trainees at the same time. Gradually, I learned to control my strength, so it didn't appear as if I kept getting way stronger overnight, despite the fact that that practically did happen.

Caelea was much bigger, now about the size of a small mastiff or a bulldog. Her frill had completely hardened into spikes, as had mine. I'd also begin to notice that in my peripheral vision, light shadings of the two nameless, indescribable colors started to appear.

On this day in particular, I was sparring with Sir Aaron as my dad directed the other trainees through a sequence that I, meaning Caelea, had memorized long ago. In the past few weeks, I had also gotten faster, and my endurance was way higher. I couldn't beat Sir Aaron or my dad quite yet, but I was definitely getting close. This particular match had already been in progress for roughly ten minutes, and didn't look like it would be ending soon.

Block, parry, strike, block, thrust, right slash.

Now, in addition to Caelea's commands, I was occasionally able to throw my own moves into the mix.

Sir Aaron and I were stalemated, blocking each others blows then countering.

"Attention!" my dad called out. Sir Aaron and I both turned to look at the sun which was just above the horizon, before I jogged over to join the other trainees in line.

Sir Aaron came to stand in front of us, "Dismissed."

I ran to put my stuff away then grab some food and hurrying to the mountain.

"Where are you going?" I heard a voice ask from behind me.

I whirled around. It was my dad. "Uhhh, to the forest?"

He gave me a kind of funny look. "Where you... Practice?"


"Hm. Mind if I come with you?"

I wanted to say no, but, well, he was my dad, and, since that was more him saying "I'm coming with you" I had to obey him. "Uh, yeah, I guess you can." I replied, then said to Caelea, Sorry, Caelea, I'm not going to be able to come.

She heaved a sigh. Yeah, I can see that...


As I led my dad to a small clearing in the forest, he questioned me, forcing me to come up with answers on the spot.

"So why're you bringing food?"

"Well," I said, digging for an answer, "I sometimes challenge myself pretty hard, so it's in case I get hungry."

"Hm. That's pretty hard for training alone."

"I also had a really small breakfast this morning." I say lamely. I led him off the trail in the woods, noting his slightly anxious look.

"You train out here, alone, and you're never attacked by lone trolls, or goblins, or any of the other monsters that roam the forest?"

"...No." That had never even occurred to me before, but I guessed that the dragon smell that probably lingered on me most likely scared them all off.

"Hmm, what do you actually do?"

"Uh, well I go find a nice stick," I paused to look around, then finding a sword sized stick, picked it up. "Like this one, and then repeat the sequences over and over and over and..." then, seeing my my dad's face, "uh, you get the point. Oh!" I say remembering what I had told Billy and Rory, "and I, uh, carry rocks."

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