Chapter 13

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Austin's P.O.V

Pain.. That's all I felt right now. I didn't even want to open my eyes. All I could hear we're my mates cooing at me and whispering sweet nothing into my ear. I wanted this pain to end but it wouldn't!

Finally I gently open my eyes and feel myself scream in pure pain "ahh! M-Make it stop!!! Please! It hurts so much" I whimper out as I look at my worried mates. They look like they're ready to cry along with me. I start to feel my bones crushing together.

"It's alright baby! Soon the pain will be over. You're changing already." I nod softly as he pecks my lips. I close my eyes and pretty soon I feel no pain at all. I open my eyes and look down to see 2 paws. I open my mouth to say something but instead a bark comes out. I look at my mates and see them smiling wide at me. They look so much more taller now!

"Oh look at you! You look so beautiful! I've never seen that shade before!" Hayden coos at me.

"Look at his eyes.. They're mint green.. They're gorgeous.." Zayden says in awe. I climb off the bed all clumsy about it. I make it to the mirror while tripping once or twice. I look up and see a beautiful wolf. Was that really me? It couldn't be! I raise up a paw and the wolf in the mirror does the same.

"Little one, it's you silly. Now come here" I look at Zayden to see him with open arms. I again very clumsily make my way back. They chuckle at me, causing me to pout. I climb into his arms. Was I really that small! Not even in wolf form am I big!

"You're so beautiful angel. How about we go out for a run?" Zayden asks as he rubs my head gently. I nod and climb off his lap so they can both shift. I watch in awe as they both shift. They were both so beautiful.

We all walk out the house and make a run for it. To say the least, it was such a great experience. The wind blowing against my fur was a wonderful thing.

We stop by a lake and sit at the edge. I lay my head against Zayden and Hayden lays his against mine. If a human was to see if us like this, they'd probably would be a bit confused.

We had just stayed there, enjoying each others company for what seemed to be a couple of hours. It was relaxing and I understood now how wonderful it really must be to a werewolf. The connection I felt with my loves was even stronger, which I had no idea could possibly happen, but it did and I could be more happy with it.

After a couple of hours more we decide to head back to the cabin. The run back was just as relaxing as the first, maybe even more. Once we get safely into the house we shift back and put some clothes on.

"Did you enjoy it little one?" Hayden asks as he wraps his arms around my waist. I lay back against him and nod.

"I loved every second of it. Well except the changing. That was really painful but it was worth it. And the connection I feel now with you both is even better. I couldn't be more happy." I sigh with a smile.

"I'm glad you did baby. We couldn't be more happy for you to experience being a werewolf. Now go get ready, we're taking you out to eat." Zayden smile and rushed me upstairs but of course not before each plants a heated kiss on me and each has a equal powerful slap on my ass.

I quickly hop into the shower and take a nice hot one at that. Once I finish I walk into the room and change into something pretty casual. I head downstair to see my big fools fighting over the last cookie. I giggle softly before walking over and taking it from Hayden's hand. I break it in half and hand them each a piece.

"Problem solved!" I smile and grab my jacket. They smile at me and kiss my cheek

"What would we do with out you?" Zayden asks as he lifts me up into his arms.

"I'm not quite sure myself. Now let's go before it gets to late" They both nod and walk us out. We soon make it to the restaurant. The hostess takes us to a table. Soon a.. A well very slutty looking girl walk to our table. She had her shirt unbuttoned to show off her breasts. Oddly enough a girl that looked just like her walks over as well.

"Hello boys, what could we get you?" Each had their eyes on each of MY men. I clear my throat and look up at them. They glare at me and turn back to Zayden and Hayden. I was furious. They looked like they were ready to jump my men. I wasn't going to have it. Not one bit.

"They would like to have a Coke and a double cheeseburger with chili cheese fries! And I would like a Coke as well with a bacon cheeseburger with cheese fries! Now if you'll both hurry up and take our order to the cooks, we would like to continue our date! Yes you heard right a date! Now why don't you both button up your shirts and take your filthy eyes off MY men!" I say loud enough for them to hear me.

They both glare at me before walking away with our orders. I could feel myself red with anger. I turn back to see both Zayden and Hayden with an amused smirk.

"We didn't know you could get so jealous and defense over us... That's so sexy little one" Zayden chuckles and kisses my lips gently. Soon our orders come only with a different waitress. She was super sweet and well she deserves a big time. She even apologized for the other girls behavior. I tell her it wasn't her fault.

After we all finish, they pay and leave a nice tip for the young girl. We make it back home and walk up to the room. We change quickly and hop into the bed, before drifting off to sleep in each other's arms.

I can't believe I haven't uploaded in so long. Thank you for the support you guys have gave me. It's helped me so much. The pain will always be here but knowing she's ok now helps it. Also I noticed that yes I did change Zayden's name. It was originally Zander. I had no idea till one of my lovely readers pointed it out to me. So thank you. I'll be trying to upload more frequently now. Again thank you all so much my loves.



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