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Here are a few ideas for short stories:

- At The Zoo
- On Vacation
- On A Cruise
- At Freddy Fazbear's Pizzaria
- On A School Field Trip
- At A Disco
- Prom
- In A Classroom
- At The Farm
- At A Waterpark
- Meeting The FNAF Crew
- At A Concert
- Talent Show
- Beauty Pageant
- At A Pumpkin Patch
- Trick Or Treat-ing
- Thanksgiving Diner
- New Year's Ball
- New Year's Eve
- Christmas Eve
- Without Internet
- A Weekend At A Haunted Mansion

Feel free to use these ideas. Do you want me to use one of these ideas? Comment! Any other ideas? Comment!

Or PM me! Either's fine!

P.S! My mom helped me with most of these ideas...

- Kate♓️

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