epilogue - harry

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epilogue - harry

When Harry first opened his eyes, his sight was blurry and dark.

                         The boy wouldn't have even realized that he had woken up if it weren't for the voices that began talking in a close proximity around him. He soon felt a hand smoothing over his curls soothingly; rough, calloused fingertips were those, while the hand that held his own was smoother; female fingertips and sharp nails scratching over his skin.

                        "He's slowly waking up..." the female hand squeezed his own, a soft giggle coming up from her lips, "He's been knocked out for how many hours now?"

                          "Approximately five hours..." a thick accent reached Harry's ears, one that he was sure he had heard before, "The poor boy had been so exhausted - I feel like it's mostly my fault that he ended up performing in the end."

                         "How is that?"

                       "Liam kept pressuring him to perform and to go outside, and although you could see that Harry did not wish to do so, I still did not step in and intervene. Liam would have listened to me, I'm sure."

                      "No need to feel guilty about it, Zayn," another male voice was heard, a familiar one, one that was dripping honey and cinnamon and warmth and pleasure and love, "Everything happens for a reason, at least that's what the people say."

                     "You're not people," Zayn said, however his voice was not as coated with venom and disgust, as it should have been, "You three are something more than mere mortals, I believe."

                     There was no answer for that question, only small chuckles here and there were heard, yet the soft touches on his hair and face continued, and Harry didn't feel like opening his eyes yet, so he remained 'asleep', the soft strokes on his skin slowly lulling him back to sleep. "Harry?"

                  Harry let out a whine, feeling soft fingers threading through his curls again, pulling slightly so that he could snap out of this hazy state between dream and reality. He soon realized that, even though he was lying still horizontally, the area they were in was currently moving, passing over bumps of a road and knocking him slightly sideways whenever the driver was not careful.

                         "Poppet?" soft lips touched his forehead like a butterfly's wings as he opened his eyes, the morning light shining through the windows of the carriage blinding him for a moment before he got adjusted to it. His hands searched around until they touched the soft fabric of the sheets and a mattress, "We'll be there soon enough, my love, you dozed off for most of the trip."

                       "L-louis?" Harry spoke; it felt like he had not uttered a word in months, "Where - "

                      "Ah, you woke up, darling?" he was met with a heartwarming smile, "We're nearly there, you didn't have to wake up just yet," Harry chose not to speak, his mouth feeling as if it had been filled with cotton, his body still weak from the remnants of his long nap. "Zayn is taking us somewhere safe."

                    "H-home?" Harry croaked out, although he knew that Louis was his home, and that it did not matter where he would end up, as long as he was with Louis.

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