It was only just a dream

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3 months

Katniss pov

We haven't had to deal with Glimmer much now since Peeta and I are officially dating. Her friends hold her back when she tries to slap me. They are actually nice if you try to get to know them, and they're all just friends with Glimmer because they're trying to be nice. Prim got a boyfriend! His name is Micheal, he has blonde hair and blue eyes like Peeta, and he is super nice. My little duck is growing up so fast. He actually came over for dinner one night and talked to my father who thought Prim was much too young for a boyfriend, but he soon changed his mind when he met him. My family and I grow together more and more everyday and I'm glad. We attempt to eat meals together and say a blessing. My birthday is tomorrow, and I'm tuning 18. I got my driver's license but still no car. Maybe I'll get one for my birthday, but there's no need to get my hopes up. I realize that it's getting late and I should probably get some sleep because tomorrow is a big day. Before I know it I'm pulled into darkness.
I live in a society where a pageant is held called the hunger games. Children fight to the death in an arena. I get chosen, along side with Peeta who I barely know. I have to fake being in love so two victors can be crowned. We are the victors. My friend and ally rues dies in that arena. I don't know if I love Gale or Peeta. The quarter quell, or 75 hunger games, comes up. Only victors may be reaped, and I'm the only female victor. I go into the arena. Peeta, Finnick, Johanna, beetee, Wiress, and Mags are my allies. Peeta wants me to go home, and shows me a pocket with pictures of my family in it. I realize I love Peeta, and I need him. I kiss him and feel fire run up through the tips of my body. We are separated because Beetee has a plan to kill the other tributes. Johanna tries to kill me. I almost kill Finnick. I use the lightning tree to blow a hole in the arena. I'm rescued by district 13 and Peeta is taken by the Capitol. He is forced to try and stop the war, and I am adding fire. We finally rescue him and he almost kills me.
I wake up screaming. I always sleep with my window open and so does Peeta, and I see him run out his window and jump into mine. He does this when he hears me screaming at night. He holds me in his arms and keeps repeating"It's ok. It's ok Katniss." I just sit there shaking. "Do you want to talk about it?" He asks. I nod and tell him all about my dream. "Oh that's terrible Katniss. But it's ok. I'm here with you. It was all just a dream." I nod. It seemed to real to be a dream.

And if you don't know, Connor is Josh Hutcherson's little brother! So that's why I used the name.

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