"Yes father?"

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Beauty's POV
My father opened the door to Ben's room. I looked at him suspiciously 'he never comes to check on Ben' I thought 'something's wrong' yet there was father with a huge grin on his face asking Ben "Ben? Me and your cousins are going out for a picnic, wanna come?" Me and Ben were shocked. We just blinked in sheer amazement "Father, I've nearly finished the game with Beauty please can i go afterwards?" Father's smile disappeared. "But you have to come now Ben" it was as if I was invisible father didn't say a word to me...But I had to go. They are going to the lake, Ben can't swim! But he's smart enough not to go too far...
Ben's POV
"Fine" I said to my father though Beauty looked worried. I hope she doesn't keep worrying its starting to scare me. "Let's go then!" Father said cheerfully 'does someone in our family that isn't Beauty care?' I thought
Beauty's POV
I had to go with them. I couldn't risk it so I crept outside and hid in the boot of the car behind all the picnic items. Ben please don't go........
(Hey! It's me again how was that?)

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