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Katniss' pov

"Katniss help me! Help me!" I hear Peeta scream. "Peeta! Peeta no!" I see him surrounded by a bunch of dark figures with knives. "Peeta!" I scream. "Ms. Everdeen, you may lose your family and keep Peeta, or lose Peeta and keep your family. You have five seconds to chose. "No! You can't do this!" I scream. "Times up!" A figure yells, and they all stab Peeta. He falls to the ground, lifeless. "Peeta! Why! I love you Peeta! I love you so much!" That's when they all come at me with their knives.
I wake up still screaming Peeta's name. He runs into the room. "Katniss! Katniss what's wrong!" He says. "I'm sorry it was just a nightmare. "Okay, goodnight." He starts to walk away. "Peeta wait! Will you stay with me?" He walks closer, "yeah." He lays down with me. "Always." I drift off, barely catching his last word.

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