Finnick's sleepover

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Peeta's pov

I get in my car and start driving with Katniss in the passenger seat.
"When we get to your house, can I meet your family?" I ask.
"Sure!" She says.

"Okay!" We get to her house and walk in. I see a girl who must be Prim.

" Hi prim!" She hugs her, but Prim keeps staring at me.

She whispers something is Katniss' ear.

"Oh that's Peeta! He is my uh-"

"boyfriend." I finish for her. " yeah. Boyfriend" Prim squeals and comes to shake my hand.

"Nice to meet you, Peeta. You are very handsome." She says." Thank you. You must be Prim." I say. She smiles and Katniss' parents walk into the room. "Mom! Dad! This is Peeta. He's my boyfriend." Her mother smiles. " It feels like I've already met you! Katniss just talks about you all the time and-" "okay mom!" Mrs. Everdeen smiles and walks away. Katniss' dad walks up to me. "Nice to meet you, son" he says. "Nice to meet you too, Mr. Everdeen." I say. "You are welcome to come for dinner if you'd like, Peeta." Her mom says. "Oh not tonight, we're going to a sleepover at our friend Finnick's house." Katniss explains. Her mom just nods and says " Have fun! Don't get in trouble Katniss!" Katniss says "Don't worry, mom" we get into my car and drive off to Finnick's mansion.

Katniss' pov

We arrive at Finnick's house and it's even bigger than I thought. It has eleven large bedrooms, three kitchens, three living rooms, and seven bathrooms. I gasp as we pull up to it. He also has a large indoor pool in the basement, and a basketball court in the backyard. "Welcome to my palace!" He screams as we enter, and looks at mine and Peeta's intertwined fingers. Then he looks at Peeta and winks, and Peeta nods. I just snicker." Don't worry you too. My parents are on a business trip so you two can have as much fun as you'd like in one of these extra bedrooms." "Finnick!" I yell. He just laughs. "My parents really aren't home though, so we can all have different bedrooms. That makes me feel good because I don't like sleeping with multiple people. We all go into Finnick's bedroom and everybody is sitting there staring at our hands. We just laugh and Peeta says " Yes, we are dating." We get whoops and whistles, and we just blush. "Who wants to play truth Odair?" Finnick asks. "I see what you did there." Peeta says, and we all laugh. Him and Peeta are like brothers. Finnick drinks a whole bottle of water, and places it in the middle of our circle. He spins it. It lands on Annie and we ask, "Truth or Dare?" She says "dare!" We all whisper and agree on a dare."You, Annie Cresta, shall go outside, and kiss the first stranger you see!" Gale yells. "No! I thought it would be make out with Finnick or something! Ugh fine!" She goes outside and an old man walks bye. She walks over to him and kisses him on the mouth. "Ew! Ew! Ew!" She yells, running back inside and washing her mouth. We all laugh. We spin the bottle and it lands on me. They all whisper and I see Peeta is saying "no not that!" This has to be bad. Johanna shouts," you need to find the hottest person in this room, and kiss them. Oh my god. Annie's wasn't this bad!" Of course, I go over to Peeta, and sigh. "Hello, hottest person in this room." He laughs. "You aren't too bad yourself" he says. Here we go.. I crash my lips onto his, and it feels wonderful. We lay there for about ten seconds before Finnick has to pull us off each other. It's time to go to sleep and I go to an extra bedroom painted green. I kiss Peeta and say goodnight, and he leaves the room. I smile and drift off to sleep.

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