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So as the title of the "Chapter" indicates, this is not really a chapter. This is the official chapter to tell me who you're rooting for. Chris or Sam? It's too late to influence what happens since the initial vote already went down, but I'd like to know just the same!

1) How did you hear about this story? I REALLY WANT TO KNOW!  [>_<] Did you find me on the What's Hot list or did you find me by category?

2) And of course who are you going for, Team Sam or Team Chris? If you have time I'd also like to know why!  It's too late to influence the course of events, but I'd still love to know.

Thanks for your time! Here's the part where you COMMENT AWAY! :D


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Anyhow, I hope you've enjoyed Love & Lyrics previously Payback's a Bitch so far and thanks for supporting it through your reads, votes and comments. Also thank you for supporting me by fanning! I really appreciate you all!

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