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Katniss' pov

We get to school and go to Ms. Trinket's chemistry. I sit beside Peeta and we start making a formula that can change from a liquid to a solid in under five seconds.

As we mix many different ingredients, Peeta says, " I need to talk to you after school."

I try not to smile. Stop Katniss! You're getting your hopes up!

"Okay! That's fine by me."

We go to Mr. Abernathy and Mr. Cinna, and go to lunch. Glimmer comes to the table.

"Hey wimp. I see your back from the hospital. Well I'm truly sorry not sorry."

I feel anger boil up inside me.

"He doesn't like you and he never will. And I think he would only date girls with real boobs, so you're out of that category."

I feel proud for saying that, and I was probably right. Her boobs are an abnormal size.

She looks at me in disbelief. "You son of a -" she yells, then slaps me. I slap her back. We are soon on the floor punching each other before Peeta pulls me off her and gets in front of me.

"What are you doing?" I ask.

"The real question is, what are you doing! You can't keep getting in fights like this! I can't keep watching you in pain!"

Everybody in the lunch room is staring. I just cry and hug him, and it seems like and eternity before he pulls away.

Peeta's pov

Katniss has slap marks on her cheeks, and bruises. Annie and Johanna take her into the bathroom to do her makeup, and she comes back looking beautiful as ever.

You can hardly notice she was even in a fight! I smile up at her and she smiles back at me. " hey guys, let's all have a sleep over tonight, at my place!" Finnick tells us.

"Okay sounds fun!" We all say in unison and laugh.

Finnick's house is huge. It's like a palace. Me and

Katniss could be dating by then, I think. We could.

We go to the rest of our classes which are gym with Ms. Cashmere, engineering with Mr. Beetee, and cooking with  Ms. Greasy Sae. It's time to ask her.

I go up to her and she is talking with Annie. "Katniss I need to talk to you." I say.

"Okay" she answers. We go outside and go to my car. She probably knows what's coming.

"Katniss I-wi-um- ugh" "what?" She asks. "Will you go out with me?" I blush and she smiles. She pushes me against the car and kisses me. I guess that answers it.

This has been the best day of my life.

EVERLARK YAAASSSS! Thank you all for getting this far in my horrible book! Please tell me if there are any mistakes and I will try to fix them. I hope you like it but if I can make it better I will. Anyways, bye!

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