Chapter 3: Death

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Still 14 years old... (One month after the two of you became couples)

“Ne, Aomine-kun. It’s been one month since we became couples!” You said, smiling a bit. The relationship between the two of you hadn’t improved at all. Bullying and criticism took place every single day.

“Who cares,” He muttered, lying on the couch.

“Well… I just noticed we haven’t gone on any dates yet. Today should probably be the day?”

“Who would want dates when you can just stay at home and sleep?”

“Satsuki-chan is starting to suspect us.” You cleared your throat. It was true. She was suspecting something.

“What’s your point? Going on a date proves her anything?” He raised a brow, looking groggily at you from where he lay.

You nodded.

He thought about it for a while then stood up. “Fine. We’ll go then. Today.” He said, shuffling towards his room to change. A big smile etched onto your face. You couldn’t wait.

- - -

You were in your best outfit – a cute white laced dress, and a peach sandals. A black necklace to go with, and curly hair. Aomine was in his usual jeans and a white top. He didn’t need anything else; he looked perfect… to you.

He took you to a mall. His eyes landed on the jewelry shop. He smiled for a while before pulling you there. His eyes roamed over the show cases.

“How may I help you?” The counter girl asked politely.

“Couple rings.” He replied with a shrug. The girl’s eyes seemed to sparkle.

“Of course! Here, here.” She strolled over to a show case of silver rings, sparkling under the white gleaming fluorescent light. Small studs of fake Russian diamonds decorated each ring. They were pretty.

You paused staring at them. Was it for Momoi? After all, he has always been about Momoi isn’t it. One for him… and one for Momoi. And you were there to judge which looked good. You glanced at one ring at the corner of the showcase.

“I think that’s pretty.” You blurted out, before slapping yourself mentally. ‘Shit. That’s not for you, stupid. It’s for Satsuki-chan.’

“Oh yes. It’s pretty. It’s simple, but it has this romantic feeling.” The girl said, placing the rings onto the counter. Aomine stared at it.

“Not bad,” He smirked. “You actually have an eye for this stuff.”

You felt flattered. For the first time, Aomine was actually acknowledging you.

“We’ll take it.” He smiled at the counter girl.

“Should I pack them? Or will you just put them on now?” She asked.

Aomine thought for a while before saying, “The latter.”

The girl handed Aomine the ring after Aomine told her his ring size. “And yours? The ring size?” the girl asked.

… “No no no. The ring isn’t for me. It’s for a friend of mine. I’m just here to- ”

Aomine cut you off.

“What non sense are you blabbering about? It’s for you, baka.”

‘……. For me?’

“Well? Your ring size?”

“uhh..” You blushed.


“You didn’t have to do that you know.” You said, glancing at the ring in your hand.

“You said Satsuki was dubious. I think this will prove it, rather than a silly date she wouldn’t witness.”

He was right.

“Eat then?” You asked hopefully. He nodded.

>>>>>> <<<<<<

Upon reaching Maji burger shop, the scene was unbearable, for both you and Aomine. You two were across the road, but you could see Kuroko and Momoi through the glass, Momoi laughing and Kuroko smiling. They seemed to be on a date. And they hadn’t noticed you.

Something in Aomine turned off. His navy blue eyes turned darker towards black and his hands clutching. His blood was boiling. It wasn’t like he could do anything – one was his crush and another was his best friend.

Aomine lurched forward but you gripped his wrists tightly. He halted, staring at the contact, and then at you.

“Let me go.” He demanded.

You shook your head, staring at where the two hands touched. Your ring flashed together with his. “No,” You replied as you stared right back into his eyes.

His stares burned into you as he shook your hand off abruptly and tried to cross the road. And you know what happens… A car on full speed was dashing right towards him.

Your eyes widened. He, who noticed this, was paralyzed from shock and fear. You did what you would have done any time of your life. You ran, and pushed him out of the way.


You were thrown over the car, before falling back onto the road.

Blackness roamed your vision in the corners, a faint light and blurred pictures circulated in the middle. You could hear Aomine calling out your name, and random swear words. You could hear people chattering…

“Call the ambulance!!!” … it was Momoi’s voice.

Blood. You could feel yourself loosing blood. Everything around you felt distant. So distant, so far away… you were losing your conscious.

A faint siren. That was all you heard before you blacked out.

And the life line went horizontal.


(12 hrs after the accident)

Aomine’s POV

That was it. She’s dead.

It seemed all too real. Everything happened so fast. I could’ve saved myself dammit. She’s so fucking retarded. She needn’t save me… I’m the damn fucking fastest player in basketball.

They couldn’t save her, the hospital said. Fucking hospitals… Why do they even exist when they can’t even save a single person from an accident?

And to think she had been cheerful this morning… with a bright smile when I bought a ring for her. That smile… That little expression… which turned to her blood covered face, her body laying in a blood pool…

Now that she’s dead… who’s going to do my homework without complaining? Who am I going to bully for the day? Who am I going to look at and rant out my frustration for the day? Who’s going to look at me like I’m the world to her? Who’ll will replace her and her smile… her way of doing even the simplest things… her sacrifices for me… everything…

She did so much… for me….

And before she died… What I did was…

Fuck, I’m such a dick.

But now that I’m saying this… Did I… Did I love her? Did I love her instead of Satsuki?

Could it be?

… I need another chance. All I want is another chance… for her to live.

A/N: Oh. So Aomine actually liked you? Don't worry the story doesn't end here!

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