Chapter 1

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{April 2, 2011}

{Denver, Colorado}

I. Can't. Believe. It. I'm actually standing very close to the stage, making me closer to one of the many bands that have been keeping me sane for the past couple of months. It's surreal. So, so surreal. I also really like that I'm just getting off topic.

Christian Coma of Black Veil Brides is just drumming his little heart out, forcing my heart to dance to those drums. It's officially my new brand of heroin.

Creepy, right?


Sound like another fan girl?

Most definitely.

But I think I'm allowed to. The other fans standing with me don't have the real right to judge me, since they don't actually know me. I'm not going to judge them. I bet there's someone here who's even more in love with this band then I am. They're probably pretty easy to pick out.

On that particular note: I look under dressed compared to these people, even with my friends. I'm just wearing the "Never Give In" t-shirt under my new white t-shirt with all the guys' faces on the front and the tour dates on the back, grey skinny jeans with one large tear on the knee and all black converses. No make-up what so ever. That seems to make me less feminine, considering that all the guys I'm surrounded by are wearing eyeliner.

The mind-numbing, heart-pounding drum solo continues.

I can't help it, I need to say it.

"I LOVE YOU C.C.!!!" I screamed out.

Dead silence (except the drums).

Oh dear. My friends and some of the other fans all laugh at me, and I'm pretty sure I saw a smile coming from Mr. Coma. Sweet. I ignore my friends and these other people surrounding me and their squirrel-like chatter. I'm just going to savor the moment and remain quiet...unless the time to scream with joy comes once again.

Man, I love concerts.

Oh, wow. I haven't even properly introduced myself have I? And you're reading my crazy thoughts and thinking this chick is NUTS!

So: my name is Kira Loss. I'm 17 years old and live in beautiful, bipolar Colorado with my mom May, my twin brother James and my older brother Tyson. I'm 5 foot 3 inches, dark blond hair and blue eyes that people constantly comment on. I'm curvy, I admit, but I do have some muscles. I'm in love with martial arts and dancing, thus making me a ninja (according to my friends). I'm a junior in high school and only had one boyfriend, nice to meet you.

At the beginning, I mentioned how Black Veil Brides has been keeping me sane; this concert is my release from all the stress I've been going through. Since you're reading my thoughts anyways, I might as well tell you what sort of "stress" I have that needs to be cured by a concert. It's the kind that makes you want to pull your hair out, really. Most of it comes from school (I'm such a terrible student) and my home life, which has made me cry more than any other time in my life. Well, excluding when my dad died, of course. (We'll get into that later.)

But enough about that! Back to the concert experience.

They started playing Sweet Blasphemy, Perfect Weapon, Knives and Pens, Children Surrender (not necessarily in that order)...I think there was another song, but I can't recall. Oh well. The concert was still awesome.


"C'mon Kira! We HAVE to meet them!" my friend, Ivonne, said. She started dragging me towards the meet-and-greet area. I laughed as I also dragged my purple-haired friend Ira (he's a guy) along. MAN Ivonne is strong! I think she's only like that when she's really determined...which she is tonight.