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Blaire's POV

I wake up from another terrible nightmare. Another nightmare about that night. The night where I lost everything and everyone. It's been ten years since then and I hadn't gotten over it.

I sigh and stand up, I hadn't eaten for a while and I could feel it starting to get to me. I had to hunt something and actually catch it this time. I really am a terrible hunter even though I had been doing it for ten years. I just find it so difficult.

I stretch before padding off to find myself something. I catch the scent of a rabbit and I pad towards it.

I find it and slowly start to stalk it but somehow it hears me and it starts to run. I growl and chase after it, pushing myself as fast as I can. But I lose it seemingly just as fast as I found it.

I whimper, sitting down.

That's when I hear something else. I snap my head towards the sound to see other wolves. Big male wolves. Almost instantly I start to run, running away from them.

I can't get caught. I just can't! I let out a yelp as one jumps, sending me to the ground. I try to fight it but the trained wolf leaves a mark down my side making me whimper.

No... No. I can't! What if... I close my eyes, waiting for them to kill me. But they don't. Instead someone speaks.

"Shift." They growl. I open my eyes and look at a man with shorts on. A good structured body and red hair.

I struggle to shift back, I hadn't done so in so long. When I do I gasp at how weak my human body feels. The man walks over and I cower away from him, but all he does is hands me a shirt. Two others stay in wolf form. I slip the shirt on and stand on shaky legs. I take a step. Okay... I've got this. I take another step, only to crumple.

The guy catches me, muttering something I don't quite catch. I try pushing him away but he rolls his eyes, picking me up bridal style. I panic, I can't see the alpha! Not the alpha.

I struggle to get out of his grip, my heart racing. Alphas kill their own children! They're the worst wolves one can find!

The man puts me in a cell and locks it up, leaving me in there. I close my eyes and whisper 'not the alpha' over and over. I'll do anything as long as I don't have to see him.

Someone comes in and I scream, starting to cry. Not the Alpha! Anyone but the Alpha.

I hold my head, pulling at my hair. The person walks out and I calm slightly though he walks back in and I scream again. I just want to be alone!

"Get the Alpha down here." One of them say.

"NO!" I shriek. "Not the Alpha." I whisper. "Not the Alpha." I close my eyes and attempt to hold myself together.

I'm okay... I'll be okay.

Or so I hope.

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