Chapter one

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Chapter one

It was a beautiful, sunny, morning in the north of the Dark Continent. Heliohapt citizens were just starting their morning routines; the birds had only begun to sing their songs. Within the palace, slaves and servants were preparing the day for their still-resting king. The small shops and stores that lined the streets began to open; the ships of goods just nearing the docks.

Everything was peaceful in the royal palace. No one was urgently needed, for Heliohapt, too, was at peace.

Despite this, one girl was already awake and prepared for her day. The twenty-six year old Princess Amirah was up even before her early-bird assistant.

The princess sat before a golden vanity, slowly brushing her wavy, long, white hair. Her hair was parted in the middle, and ended at her lower back, the curly hair looking like a pearl-colored ocean. Paired with her golden-yellow eyes and dark skin, the princess was noticeably attractive. However, she had no desire to wed, which was perfectly fine with the king, -her older brother- Armakan. It was unlikely anything would happen to Armakan, seeing as though they were under the protection of the Seven Seas Alliance. And by the time the king was to pass away, he would have already left behind a child to succeed for him, meaning Amirah wasn't needed, and was free to do as she pleased with her life.

This didn't mean that Armakan wasn't protective of her, though. The princess had only left the country once before, just after she had turned twenty. That was when she met her pale-skinned assistant, Zaahira.

Zaahira was from Reim; sky blue eyes and bright blonde hair to prove it. Her appearance was why Zaahira chose to dress very similarly to other Heliohaptians, although she wasn't required to.

Unlike Amirah, who wore an ankle-length, sleeveless, red dress with the sides of the waist cut out to reveal her sides, and a golden shawl tied around her waist, Zaahira wore a simple white dress ending at her ankles. Around her waist, Zaahira wore a gold scale-like accessory similar to most Heliohaptians, that ended just before her dress. Both girls wore gladiator-styled sandals, another typical trait of the country. Amirah also wore a thick gold necklace and two gold bands, one on each bicep.

"Lady Amirah, why are you awake so early?" A tired Zaahira asked, yawning and stretching her arms over her head. The two shared a room, although unnecessary, they both enjoyed it.

"I'm not sure," Amirah admitted. She placed her brush back onto the vanity, and turned to her assistant and only friend. After her younger brother, Sharrkan, had been defected to Sindria, she'd been all alone. Until she met Zaahira, of course. "I woke up and couldn't fall back asleep." She stood and walked to one of the large bedroom's windows, "I've been thinking, Zaahira... I want to go and explore the world. I'm already twenty-six, I can take care of myself. Plus, I might even be able to capture a dungeon like Brother Armakan." Amirah smiled, tracing her hand across the open windows frame, a distant look in her eyes, "Maybe I'll even fall in love?"

"I think that's a great idea, Princess," Zaahira agreed. She climbed out of bed and began making it, moving on to Amirah's when she was finished. "Where would you like to go?"

"I don't know yet. I have to ask Brother Armakan first," Amirah replied, looking away from the window and back to Zaahira, "Hurry to get dressed, I'd like to ask him as soon as possible."



If you plan on leaving the country, at least stay within the Seven Seas Alliance," King Armakan spoke evenly as he signed his name on a -surprisingly- small stack of documents.

"Does that include Sindria?" Amirah tried to hide her growing excitement.

"Of course," Amakan nodded, pausing signing to close his eyes. "I will notify King Sinbad of your request. Pack your things in the meantime."

Amirah grinned, "Thank you, Brother Armakan!"


"So, King Armakan agreed?" Zaahira assumed as her princess skipped out of the king's office happily.

"He did! We are to travel to Sindria by tonight! Brother has sent a letter to King Sinbad, and by the time we arrive he will have received the notice," Amirah explained as they walked down the hallways to their room.

"That's wonderful!" Zaahira shared the princess' emotions. "Oh, by the way, Akido is awake," She relaxed and informed the princess, who was now searching their room for luggage bags.

"He is? Has be been fed yet?" Amirah paused her search.

"No, he's wrapped himself around your fan and refuses to move," Zaahira shook her head and sighed.

"Where is he? His bed?" Amirah pulled two duffel bags from her closet and placed them on her bed. She walked over to where her beloved pet snake's cloth bed resided, finding said snake just as described. He had a strong grip on her treasured gold and feather fan. Sighing, Amirah looked down at her pet cobra, "Akido...give me back my fan." She reached for it, only to have Akido hiss at her. "Why are you giving me such a hard time?" More hissing. "Is it because we're leaving? I'd never leave you behind, you know." He continued to glare. Amirah leaned toward the snake and whispered softly to him. With a final reluctant hiss, Akido slithered away, allowing Amirah to retrieve her fan.

"What did you tell him?" Zaahira asked as Amirah placed her fan handle-up inbetween her dress and shawl.

"He misses Sharr as much as I do," Amirah spoke, beginning to pack her things.

Confused, Zaahira began packing as well, "May I ask who 'Sharr' is, Princess? I don't believe you've mentioned them before."

"I haven't?" Amirah glanced at the blonde. "Sharrkan is my younger brother. He lives in Sindria as King Sinbad's general. I haven't seen him since we were kids." With her bag nearly packed of her necessities, Amirah walked back over to Akido, "Come here, darling." The snake took his usual place around the princess' neck. He enjoyed the warmth and protection of Amirah's thick hair.

"Well, your brother sounds very lucky," Zaahira said.

"Mmm..." Amirah agreed, her expression sad for a moment. She never really wanted her brother to leave Heliohapt. "I can't wait to get to Sindria. Are you ready?"

"Yes, I am. I'm ready to go whenever you are, Princess Amirah."

"Let's go, then."


Author's note-

Hello~! Welcome to another Magi fanfiction of mine~

I usually pre-write the entire book before uploading, but I'm a little too excited to post on here again so yeah.

I have 7 chapters pre-written but after that you'll have to wait for updates like any other fic, but hopefully actually uploading will motivate me to write more c: 

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