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"I do." I say.

Violet smiles in front of me. However, our staring context abruptly ends by the annoying voice of our weeding planer Michelle.

"Good. After the I do's the officiant will pronounce you husband and wife and then you have to kiss." She tells us.

Violet and I nod while we keep our hands intertwined. Michelle tells us that after the kiss we are expected to walk down the aisle before we step into the house.

"That will be it for the ceremony. Then you will have the reception." She says.

We move inside the house and she walks us through the different stages of the reception. It was exhausting how much planning a wedding had. I will much rather just go and get married with Violet without planning or people annoying us. But Violet deserves her dream wedding and this is exactly what I am giving her.

We have been planning the wedding for 6 months now. Time has flew by between suit fittings, choosing flowers, tasting cakes, arranging music choices,...Anything you can imagine. I tried to put my input on everything but the final word was always on Violet. I wanted this day to be her day.

Of course she doesn't agree with this. She always complains about me not making any choices but I truly don't care if we have an ice fountain or a chocolate one, I care she is going to be my wife after all of this.

Violet is so excited about the wedding. Seeing her smile on her face through this process has been hard. I still remember arriving home to her crying because her mother wasn't with her on her first wedding dress try. Luckily, I managed to get my mum and Gemma to go with her on her next tries. She came back so happy after that trip because she had a good time with them and she managed to find The Dress.

I was so excited to see her on her dress. I have been teased about it for so long it feels like a torture. Mum says she looks so beautiful with it while Gemma teases me saying I will be a lucky guy on my wedding night.

"This is amazing Michelle. Everything is going to be perfect." Violet says.

"Thanks Violet. We will see each other on your wedding day." She says before we say our goodbyes.

Michelle disappears in her car before Violet and I make our way to the car. She tells me how excited she is about the wedding and I smile in agreement at her.

"I can't wait for you to be officially mine." I tell her.

"I have been yours for a while now." She says with a smile.

I smile before I began to drive back home. It was a long journey because we were at my Hamptons House. That's the place we choose for our marriage. It holds the memories of our first Christmas together as well as the place we got engaged. The wedding was in exactly a week from today.

As soon as we get to New York we are saying our goodbyes to each other for the next two nights. I was going to Vegas with my mates for my bachelor party and I heard from my sister that Violet and her girlfriends are leaving for a spa in Los Angeles to relax before the big day.

I was excited about having some time off from work and the wedding planning but at the same time I was afraid that Louis and Niall prepared something for me I will not like, cue a stripper or some shit like that. After all Violet's dad and brothers were coming with us and that will be one hell of a situation.

Violet talks all the way back to New York. She tells me details about her last dress fitting, the plans for her weekend with the girls or random stuff that has been going on in her life lately. I smile as I hear everything she has to say as we arrive to our apartment.

Once I parked, we get in our apartment and we finished preparing our bags. A knock was heard and Robert went to get the door. Gemma appeared making so much noise with my mum trailing behind with an embarrassed face.

"Come on future sister in law! Let's get you to your destination!" Gemma shouted.

"Gem calm down!" I say to her.

"Oh shut up bro!" She says.

"Violet are you ready sweetheart?" Mum asks her.

"Yes, my bags are packed." She says.

Robert and I carry her bags into Gemma's car. Once everything is carried into the truck, I say goodbye to Gemma and mum. Gemma is easy as she is super excited to get to the relaxing weekend they have ahead. Mum is more difficult as she reminds me to behave and to don't have much fun without them. She also makes me promise I will not waste money and specially that I make sure Robin doesn't waste too much on the casino which makes me laugh.

Finally it's time to say my goodbyes to Violet. She pulls me in a hug and I hug her back with all in me.

"I am going to miss you." I say on her hair.

"Me too." She says back.

"Don't go too crazy, okay?" I joke making her laugh.

"I will not. You be careful with your drinking and don't waste too much money on the casinos. Also keep an eye on my father and brothers. Oh and Robin." She reminds me.

"I will." I say with a little laugh. "I will see you soon, okay?"

"Yes, I love you." She reminds me.

"I love you too." I say before I kiss her.

The kiss is cut short when my sister rings the honk of her car.

"C'mon stop snogging! We have to get on the road!" She shouts from the car.

I groan and roll my eyes which makes Violet laugh. We kiss one last time before she gets into Gemma's car and they drove away as I wave goodbye.


A/N: soooo here is chapter 1!

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