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Beauty's POV

"Ben!" I called. He was on his Nintendo 64 again, he lets me play too like as a co-op game but thats only sometimes. I ran up to his room "Ben?" He looked up.
"Hmmm? What is it Beauty?"
"Oh I just wanted to give you some lunch" I sat down next to him. "Can I play too?"
"Course you can" he smiled. I always loved to see him smile...he didn't do it much. So we completed each level. It was so much fun! I loved playing Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask it was the best game ever! Ben was acting a little strange though like something was wrong. "What's up bro?" I asked playfully nudging his shoulder
"Why does no one care about me?" I was shocked. Who had made him think this was it me? "I care Ben after all we are twins" I smiled at him reassuringly. "Okay" he mumbled so I hugged him "Ben I love you because you're my brother and I never want to change that!" That made him smile "Wow thanks Beauty" I grinned. Then we ate and when we eat just us two (Eventhough we have our little brother Matt) we always pig out. We both laughed and ate so much we felt sick afterwards we played more Zelda and we rocked at it! If I do say so myself. We were at the final level when.....
(Haiiii it's me Eva how was that? Did ya like it? I hope so anyway thanks for reading buh-byeeee)

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