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That day changed my life my cousin took apart my bike when he could have done that to his bike I cried to my grandpa which was taking a nap and he yelled an me "I'll buy your new one!" (he never did) my mom slanders small room door more than once dad called a uhaul at 5:00 we moved out of there and lived with my other grandma which BTW loves me but the thing is she lived in a apartment and was very crouded.
I missed half of 4th grade staying home with mom just to take care of her while dad was working.
Mom got a job but the quit like in a month.. 9-years old and already babysitting

(2 years later)

We got a house but I had to share a room at 11 years old common I need my privacy 5 years with living in a small room no more,I'm going to get my own room but wait... My godmother moved in with the five of her kids this means no room they moved out in 8-9 months and then my uncle moved in my mother being as nice as she can letting him live with use but everytime he cooks something...he leaves it for my poor mother to clean of course I'm there to help but with 5th grade I had homework and chores I didn't know what to do...heh now that I think of it.... I remember the bully's and me constantly saying kill yourself... I knew I couldn't leave just now I stayed and I'm as strong as ever sure I'm weird but everyone loves me and I love the way I turned out I keep kids smiling,laughing,happy i..i was proud of myself
(This is my story and yes this really happed to me)

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