Chapter 3

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I watched the trees pass by quickly. I looked over at Griffen and she gave Kenneth a little kiss on the cheek and smiled at him. I thought they were the cutest couple ever. I looked back at the trees, then looked at Cody. His pale face and his cheeks still a little red, his crystal blue eyes shinning in the winter light, his lip ring hanging off his lip, his black hair in the air. Cody looked at me and took one of his ear buds out of his ear and said "You look at me a lot." and laughed all cute and stuff.
"Oh yeahhhh." I said like a totally idiot
He smiled at me. I'm in love with him.
Griffen came back to where Cody and I sat.
"Hey can I  talk to yo ash?"
Cody looked at Griffen and gave her a straight face and went up front with Kenneth and started talking. Griffen loot my hand and took me to one of the bedrooms and shut the door. She looked at me with her hands on her hips and tilted her head. "Why won't you tell him you like him. He obviously likes you too!" Griffen said shacking my shoulder with her hand and her head still titled.
"Mmmm, I don't know... I -" the camper stopped and I gave Griffen a confused look. We walked out the bedroom door and looked out the window. We were at a gas station in Washington.

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