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Kate's POV

I was walking around New York City. It was a raining night. The rain was pouring down and the wind picked up. I pulled my coat closer to me. I walked past a family diner. Inside you could see a small family.

The small family reminded me of what was once like mine. The family consisted of a mother, father, and a small child. My family was like that once but my parents were killed when I was 7. Ever since then I've been walking around for years.

All these years I walked around, I ate from random restaurants who gave food. I slept where ever I could. Once in a while people would give different I needed.

As I walked around New York I saw a man no older then 18 with a light up blade, fighting a weird looking person. I hide behind a wall and watched. Fear flowed through my veins when I saw the blade get lifted up and shoved through the stomach of the weird person. That weird person screeched and unheard of screech. It bled this dark red blood. As it bled out I screamed with fear.

The other 18 year old man looked over at me as he wiped the blade on his black shirt. I got up and began to run the other direction. As I was running I tripped over a piece of garbage. I rolled on to my back. My foot was hurting. I cried out of fear and pain. Looking up I saw the man getting closer. He put the blade away and walked closer.

Getting down on his knees he looked at me. I tried to get away but I couldn't stand up. "What do you want," I cried.

"What did you see," he asked.

"You killed that man and now your going to kill me," I cried trying to get away.

"No I didn't kill him without reason." I looked up at him confused on how he could kill with a reason. "It would of killed many innocent people. I saved many. Now who are you?" He asked

"I..I'm Kate. Wh..who are you?"

"I'm Alec. Where are your parents?" Alec looked around us. He must have been looking for my parents. I was still crying and my foot still hurt. "Hey don't cry Kate." Alec picked me up gently. one arm under my legs the other on my back. "How about I take you to my boyfriend's and mine's apartment. Just for tonight then tomorrow I'll take you home. It's getting quite late." Alec began walking in a random direction towards apartments.

"No please. Just let me go home myself," I whispered. Truthfully I didn't want him to find out I was homeless. If he found out he might send me to a foster home or something like that. Struggling to get out of his grip.

Alec held me tighter not enough to hurt me but enough to keep me from getting away. "Why can't I take you in the morning when it's not raining?"

"I don't want to be alone with a killer."

"Kate I promise that thing was a demon. If I didn't kill it, it would of killed you and many more." We stood in front of a circular door that Alec knocked on. Their stood another man with black hair and cat like eyes. "Magnus I have missed you." Alec walked in and set me down on a couch next to a cat. "Oh right Kate this is Magnus. Magnus this is Kate I found her after I killed a demon. She ran and tripped over something. It was raining and nobody was around so I brought her here."

Magnus looked at me and Alec before saying, "ok she can stay. I'll show you to the guest room." I stood up and winced in pain. Alec noticed and lifted me up again as he and Magnus lead me to a descent sized room.

The room it self was plan. It had red and orange walls with a full sized bed on one wall and a dresser and desk. Alec set me down on the bed and Magnus came up to the end of the bed where my foot was. He waved his hand over my foot and the pain disappeared. Magnus also waved his hand over my wet cloths and they became dried. "Their you go Kate. Would you like anything else?" Magnus asked.

"No thank you sir. What did you do to my foot?"

"I'll tell you another time Kate. For now just sleep."

Just as Alec and Magnus were about to leave I said," Thank you."

The two looked back and said goodnight. Turning off the light they left closing the door. I soon fell asleep to the sound of them talking quietly in the room next door and the steady sound of rain.

A/N: First thank you for reading this. This story is my first Malec fanfiction so I hope you enjoy. Comments your thoughts on it.

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