FALSE stereotypes about the signs

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*KEY WORDS: all, always, all of them*

Aries: all of them LOVE sports, they get into frequent physical fights, they are always angry, they are violent af

Taurus: they are hungry/eating all the time, they don't accomplish anything, they are debilitatingly lazy and will never get up if they don't have to, they are rudely stubborn

Gemini: they are disloyal, they are bitchy, they are mean, they are bad friends, they will betray you

Cancer: they are always crying, they are always sad, they are annoying because they are oversensitive, they are volatile and take everything the wrong way, they are whiny

Leo: all of them are popular, all of them are extroverted, they are all super social, all of them are selfish, they're always the mean girls/queen bees

Virgo:they are super anal-retentive, they are germophobic, they are prudish, they are obsessed with cleaning, they are obsessive-compulsive, they are prissy, they are neurotic, they are all introverted and/or shy

Libra:they are superficial, they are ditzy, they are oblivious, they are stupid, they are hypocritical, they are super indecisive, they never speak their minds/opinions

Scorpio:they are sex addicts/hypersexual, all of them are goth or emo, they are always mysterious, they are loners, they are always badass

Sagittarius:they are all super scared of commitment, they start fights, they are rude, they say mean things, they are dangerously reckless, they constantly do illegal things, they are never tired

Capricorn:they are all geniuses, they get perfect scores on every test, they are giant nerds and teacher's pets, they are obsessed with money, they are all super serious/never lighthearted, they all end up rich

Aquarius:they are antisocial, they are conspiracy theorists, they are aliens (?)/obsessed with aliens, they are emotionless, they never show affection

Pisces:they are all super naive, they are all stoners/smokers, they are whiny, they are always crying, they are all oversensitive babies

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