Chapter One

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  • Dedicated to Stephanie Meyer

Wolf pack characters from Stephanie Meyers. Created By Veronica Jenkins.

Chapter One

I sat at my make up vanity table as I brushed through my long brown hair and I stared at my sparkling brown eyes. My sick features were horrible and weak, a bead of sweat rolled down my forehead and I wipped it away. I wish this sweating could stop. I started caughing so I laid down in bed. When my brother Jacob, Jake for short, walked in. I heard Billy's(my dad) wheelchair's wheels roam onto the tiled kitchen floor.

“Hey Jake, will you please go get me a glass of water?” I asked Jake this because Billy told me to stay in bed until I am better, so Jake or Billy get me food or drinks unless I have to go to the bathroom then Billy lets me get up. Jake has been sitting by my bed while I have been sick, I guess he is worried about me or really wants this process to be over so we can go see Sam and Emily.

“Here you go, Josie. Are you going to be okay, while I go outside to talk with the guys real quick?” Jake asked me, I guess he really wants to see the guys or he wants to tell them how everything is going. I don’t know why but the guys have been hanging around the house for the past week which is when I got sick. It’s almost over. Oh now I know why they are hanging outside there are rules to being a wolf and they have to teach them to me. Great I am going to have to get used to being really warm. Yes finally I stopped sweating.

“I will be fine. Jake look I stopped sweating,” I told Jake and he looked at my arms and face.

“Billy, I think she is ready to go outside with me and the guys!” Jake yelled out the door. Billy rolled his wheelchair into my room and looked at me.

“Yeah I guess she is, go ahead Josie go hang with the guys,” Billy said this and I jumped out of bed.

“Yes thank you, Dad,” I said this to Billy gave him a hug and ran out the door. Jake was right after me.

“Hey look if it isn’t little Black,” Quill said this then rubbed my head. Embry heard Quill and ran over to me; he picked me up, spun me around, gave me a hug then set me down.

“Please don’t call me little Black. I have a name don’t I?” I was looking at Quill as I asked this.

“I’m sorry. Can I call you mini Jake?” Quill asked me as he gave me a bear hug.

“Yeah, that’s way better than little Black,” I told Quill as I gave him a hug back. As we were messing around Sam appeared and we shut up.

“Hey she’s alive,” Sam said jokingly.

“Yeah I am glad for that too,” Jake and Embry said at the same time I looked at them and Embry smiled at me.

“Are you ready to learn what we do?” Sam asked me this and I shook my head yes.

“Josie this isn’t as easy as it looks you have to control yourself from turning into a wolf in front of your friends,” Jake started to explain the rules of being a werewolf. Jake said it wasn’t easy to change and he was right I couldn’t change at all. Then Embry walked over to me.

“Josie, do you want to go to the movies with me tonight?” Embry asked me this with a smile. I looked at Jake to see if it was ok and he shook his head yes.

“I would love too,” I answered Embry with a smile. On the inside I was so happy he asked me to go.

“Well I will pick you up at seven, if that’s ok, is it?” Embry asked.

“Yeah,” I answered Embry. Jake was looking at Embry and they started talking after Embry turned around. I walked inside and told Billy my plans for tonight and he was ok with them as long as I was home by eleven. At five-o-clock Billy made spaghetti for supper. After I was done eating I got in the shower to wash off all of the sweat. When I got dressed in my sweats and my tank top I walked into my room and Jake was sitting on my bed and he looked upset. “Jake, what’s wrong?” I asked him.

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