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Death, it is my heart's most desire. I want to die, because of what they did. Actually I am dead, but only on the inside. They did this to me, they made me this monster I am.

My name was Percy Jackson, but I go now by Aslort, which means shame. The reason I am this way, I don't want to talk about. Now I am son of Chaos and prince of the universe and I am an assassin.

Right now I'm on a mission to kill Hitler, a pshycopath. He killed hundreds of people for fun. Luckly I am going to finish him now. He is standing in a coner and I am sranding infront of him,"Hitler, you are guilty for the death of 788 innocent people. Do you denie this?"
"Yes." Came the reply, all the pshycopaths always say that. "That was not what I wanted." I said as I runed him through with my sword, Havoc. Now that my mission is done I can go back to my father. Even afrer 200 years I still don't mind killing.

Time skip

I found my father waiting for me in the throne room,"Astotus,"
"No, Aslort." I corrected him. "You are not to be called that, you name is Astotus, which means hero. I see your mission is completed." "Yes, Father. Do you have any other missions?" I asked and he paled...

First cliffhanger

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