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I just woke up thanks to my "amazing brothers " throwing water in my face. They tag teamed and sunk into my room to wake me up.
They do this at the beginning of every school year for 'good luck'.
They try to convince me it's for my benefit so I do good in school. Do I look like I give a fuck about school? Those idiots.

So as I was saying I am now drenched in water and to make matters worse it's a Monday and I have school.

Great. I went into the bathroom, washed up and then walked into my walk-in closet. I decided to wear white skinny jeans, dark red combat boots, a white crop top and a dark red button up shirt with only the top button done. I looked in the mirror and just put my hair into a side plait. I put my usual make-up which was foundation, eyeliner, mascara and dark red lipstick.

I got my backpack and went downstairs to get some breakfast but I wasn't hungry so I just got an apple and some juice.

I sat next to Andre at the breakfast table ,we are the only ones who are still in school in our family because the rest are either in University or have jobs.

"Hi little sis," he said smiling down at me when I sat down. Sometimes I hate how tall all my brothers are I mean I am one of the shortest people in my school but I can still bring down someone twice the size of me.

"Dude I'm two minutes younger than you, get of your high horse," I scoffed.

"If you are younger by two minutes and shorter than me you are my younger sister. That's never going to change," he said as I sighed.

"Are you going to meet up with Amber?" I asked.

Yeh I am, I've got a surprise for her." He grinned.
" Aww ,my twin is all grown up," I said ruffling his hair.
"Come on, not the hair Kacy not the hair ," he complained trying to fix his hair.
"Ohh shush you look fine," I said getting up.
"Let's get going to school? We're already as late as it is," I said as he got up.

"Do you want a ride?" He asked putting on his coat.

" It's okay i'll just take my bike so bye," I said walking away.

"Suit yourself," he shouted after me.
I climbed onto my motorbike and put my helmet on. I started the engine and went my way to school.
The only reason I go to school is because my friends are there. If they weren't there I probably would've dropped out.

I drive into school and see the parking lot filled. Everyone must be in period 1 by now well better late than never.

I walk into school, pass loads of classrooms until I reach mine. I burst through the door and everyone looks at me.

Even though it's the start of the year I know everyone in this class. No one new ever comes.

The teacher looks startled and a little scared.

"Hey, miss whatever your name is , where's my seat?"

She doesn't even bother telling me off because I'm late.
"Right over there next to the new student Ryder." She whispered.

I look up and my eyes widen. He looks at me with a smirk with his arms folded. I compose myself and smirk back to him. He wasn't expecting that as his eyes narrowed. I walk up to the seat beside him and sat down. As the lesson goes on I completely ignore him.


I jump as someone burst throught the door. My eyes widen as I realised it was the gangleader's daughter. I looked her up and down checking her out and may I say she was one of the most prettiest girl I've ever seen. I had made up my mind up the minute I saw her at Starbucks that I wanted her as mine. I knew she was the Gangleaders Daughter at the way she confidently walked and everyone cowered away from her.

But how was I going to do that when she has a whole family full of boys who could easily beat me up for even touching her? I mean I am really strong but no one can defeat the Winter Boys.

But I am Ryder the gangleader of the Red Dragon gang and when I want something, I get it. This time I want Angel and I'm going to make her my Girlfriend if it's the last thing I do.


Finally class ended and I rushed out to my next class ,I do not want anything to do with that guy. He's so mysterious and secretive but how could I ignore him and not think about him when the whole population of girls are talking about him, saying that they love that ' mysterious ' aura about him?
Well they can keep him because he is just a player , like all guys.

And my theory was confirmed as I walk into my next class and saw him there with Bethany on his lap. They were flirting and she was giggling. I felt a weird pain in my chest but I ignored it. I walk up and sat far away from them.

"Bethany this is not a social area so why don't you get up from Ryder's lap." The teacher said as she glared at them.

Bethany gave Ryder a kiss on the cheek and went to sit in the seat beside him. He looked over at me but I turned away.
The morning went by with a blur and it was already lunch time. When I was about to walk out of class someone grabbed my elbow.

"What the fuck do you want?" I turned around and was surprised to see Ryder. I look at him with an eyebrow raised. "What I want is for you to go on a date with me, tonight. " he said with a smirk. I look at him with a serious face then burst out laughing.

"Look you failed that day at Starbucks and you will fail again today. Do you not get it? I don't go for players. I play, I don't get played. Alright? So if you know what's good for you, you'd go back to sucking faces with Bethany and leave me alone," I said bored.

"Darling, I don't think so," he said smirking.

"And why's that?" I questioned.

"I want you. Your friends seem to like me. We are perfect for each other," he argued.

"Honey we aren't perfect for each other. Seriously I may find you hot but that's just attraction. I don't date and I won't break that rule for you." I said as a huge smile went in his face.

"You think I'm hot." He said factually.

"Really? That's all you got?"

"You don't know me. Your new so I'll give you a chance. I'm someone you don't want to mess with," I said slowly but deadly.

"Darling I know who you are. Daughter of feared Gangleader. Five brother who are all extremely over protective. I know everything about you Darling." He said as I gasped at him.


"Darling I'm the Gangleader of the Red Dragon Gang. Second best,"


"Darling I'm the Gangleader of the Red Dragon Gang. Second best,"

I told her and I saw her eyes widen. Then she smirked. What?

"Yes. Second best. I may be a girl but you don't know what I'm capable of," she warned.

I didn't take the smile of my face.

She groaned annoyed.

"You know what? I'm not even gonna waste my time with you," she huffed and crossed her arms.

"Watch your back Ryder because this isn't over, we"ll see who has the last laugh." She said deadly as she stomped away angrily.

Did the gangleader's precious daughter indirectly declare war? I stood there for a while thinking and I came to only one thought.

"Oh shit"
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