Chapter 18: 4 Months later

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Astrid's POV

It was a nice warm day here on Berk. The sun was high in the sky, the terrible terrors were singing on rooftops, and everyone was out and about. My ankle is healed now so I no longer need crutches. Oh you are probably wondering about my pregnancy. Well I'm 8 months along and due anytime now. I can't wait to meet this kid. I just had my weekly checkup with Gothi and I was on my way to my house to pack some things up. Since I'm really close to having the baby, Gothi wants me to stay at her hut. Ruffnut had gone with me for the checkup like she usually does and is joining me on my walk back home.

"Aren't you so excited to meet this little bundle, Astrid!?" She ask, throwing her hands around. "Because I can't wait!"

"Of course I'm excited... I'm just a little...worried." I replied, looking down.

"Worried about what?" Ruffnut ask, stoping, I stopped too.

"That I won't make it. That I'll have the same fate as my mother. That Hiccup will have to be like both of our fathers and raise a kid on his own." I explained, sitting down in the grass.

"Astrid, don't think like that. Of course you will make it. I'll be there with you and Valka and Hiccup will be too. We are going to help you through this." She sat down beside me and placed an arm around my shoulders.

"Thanks Ruff." She stood up. "Um... Can you help me up please?" I asked.
She laughed before helping me up. We started walking to my house again. "Thanks again Ruff. Will you help me pack some stuff up?"

"Oh sure. I don't even know why you bother. Gothi did say she thinks you will have the baby tonight."

"I just want to get an extra pair of clothes. Who knows what will happen... And Ruff." She turned and looked at me, her expression softening. "If I don't make it... Please just put me in my wedding dress. It was the happiest day of my life."

"Seriously, Astrid, quit thinking like this. You're make me upset."

"I'm serious Ruff. Just, please."

"Okay, okay."

We walked in the house. She helped me straighten everything out. I grabbed a change of clothes and we headed to Gothi's.

Later at Night (like 1:00 A. M.)

"Its Time!" Valka screeched. "Hurry Ruffnut! Go get Hiccup!" Ruffnut obeyed and ran out the door.

"Its okay Astrid. Just listen to me and I'll help you through this. Hang in there a minute while we get ready."

The pain was excruciating. I have never felt so much pain before. I need Hiccup here, now!

"Okay Astrid, we're ready." Valka said.

"I cant!...Not without Hiccup!" I yelled.

"You're ganna have to. He will be here soon."

Hiccup's POV

I was working last minute on some paperwork in the Great Hall. I had to fill out a treaty with an Island near by. I was almost done when Ruffnut burst in.

"Hiccup! There you are!" She yelled walking closer. Her face grew serious. "Its time." As soon as the words left her mouth, I was gone. I sprinted to Gothi's, unfortunately she lives all the way up on the mountain.

I was about half way up the mountain and I could hear Astrid's screams. I ran impossibly faster. "Hang in there Astrid, I'm on my way."

I bursted through the door with Ruffnut right behind me. I ran to Astrid's side and grabbed her hand. "Its okay, I'm here now."

"Well its about time you both showed up." Mom said. "Shes almost done."

"Sorry Valka. I couldn't find the muttonhead. You'd think he'd stay close knowing his wife was close to having their kid." Ruffnut explained. 

"Hiccup! When this is over! I am going to kill you for putting me in this pain!" Astrid screeched at me.

"I'm sorry, Astrid." I apologized, not really sure why I did though. Its just as much her fault as it is mine.

"Okay Astrid. I need you push again." Mom ordered. Astrid did as told and about blew my eardrums out with her screams and insults.

"Okay one more time."

Finally I heard the sound I've been waiting to hear for 8 months. "Its a little boy." Mom brought him to me and placed him in my arms. He had blonde hair like Astrid, but he had my forest green eyes. He didn't even really cry, he just sat in my arms and stared at me.

"Look Astrid. It's our son." I said bending down beside her. And placing him in her arms.

"He's not even crying." Astrid said. "I guess you were right Hiccup. He will be strong like me." She chuckled.

"Hmp. When am I ever wrong?" I asked, a huge grin spreading across my face.

"Really? Stealing my line again?" She asked.

"Yes I am." I sat down beside her and wrapped an arm around her.

"So whats his name?" Ruffnut asked, walking over to look at him.

"Aaron Horrendous Haddock." Astrid said, looking at me and smiling.

"I don't think we agreed on using my middle name when we discussed names." I said, shaking a finger at her.

"Well when we have a girl, we can use mine. That way we're even. Okay?"

"Okay." I agree.
Author's Note:
Well I'm satisfied by how this book is coming along. When I started writing it I had a completely different idea on what I was going to do with it. But as I wrote it, better ideas came and I can say I am really impressed.

If anyone has any questions, just leave them in the comment section or message me. I will try to reply to all.

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