Chapter Six: Going to see Jacob

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"So tell me more about Jacob?" Emma asked looking to her best friend as they started to drive towards La Push, she was curious about the man that Gabriela had come all this way to see. 

Emma had been Gabriela's best friend for years and she knew so little about her friend's life before she had moved to California; she was curious about how close the brunette had been to Jacob. 

"I don't know much... I haven't seen him in years," Gabriela replied, she hadn't been able to keep in touch with her former friends and she wished that she had; it would have made all of this so much easier.

She didn't even know if Jacob still lived in La Push, Gabriela doubted that he would have left but he could have gone off to college or something; she had no idea what she was going to find when she arrived at her former home. 

"Well what was he like when you were kids?" Emma pushed wanting to make sure that nothing was going to get in the way of the fact that Gabriela was going to marry her brother. 

Emma wanted Gabriela as her sister and she feared that by meeting Jacob, Gabriela was going to change her mind; she could only imagine how hurt and upset her brother would be if that happened. 

"Jake was my best friend, we did everything together," Gabriela recalled with a smile, she had been so upset when she had moved to California but if she hadn't then she would have never met Daniel and she wouldn't have been marrying him now. 

Nodding her head, Emma turned quietly and looked out of the window thinking; she wasn't sure that coming here was a good idea and she feared what was going to happen when they found this Jacob. 

Gabriela focused on driving, she wasn't sure what Emma expected to happen on this trip but it wasn't going to be easy; she was just going to have to trust her best friend.

It didn't take long before the car drove into La Push, Gabriela smiled seeing the familiar sights of the place that she had grown up in; she had missed the simplicity of living in such a small town. 

"This is where you used to live," Emma said frowning, she had lived in the city most of her life and she could never imagine what it was like living somewhere like this; she loved the big city to much to ever consider giving it up for a small town like this. 

Gabriela nodded her head, she had so many fond memories of her childhood in La Push and she had missed the simpleness of living in such a quiet place; it didn't have the problems that the big cities had. 

The two friends were silent as Gabriela slowly navigated around the streets, she was glad that she had asked her parents for directions so that she could easily find Jacob's home. 

"This is it," Gabriela murmured slowing the car down to a stop as she pulled up outside of the Black house, she swallowed wondering if Billy still lived here since she wasn't sure how to explain all of this to Jacob. 

Emma nodded her head and removed her seatbelt, she eyed the house knowing that she wasn't going to leave Gabriela or Jacob alone together; everything was going to normal after this trip. 

Gabriela took a deep breath and climbed out of the rental car, she doubted that putting this off any longer was going to help; she needed to speak with Jacob and when she was done, she would head back to California and marry Daniel. 

"Let's get this over with," Emma muttered climbing out of the car and slowly started to follow Gabriela up the path, she had no idea what to expect but she prayed that this Jacob wasn't good looking or anything. 

The two women walked towards the house completely unsure what they would find when they knocked on the front door.

Gabriela knocked on the front door and stood their nervously, she hoped that she wasn't going to be interrupting anything important; she just wanted to talk to him and tell him what the shaman had said. 

The door opened to reveal a young woman that looked around sixteen, she was very pale and had long wavy bronze hair; she stared at the two women that were outside of the house. 

"Erm hi... does Jacob Black live here?" Gabriela asked nervously, she was a little surprised to see someone so pale living on the reservation and she wondered for a moment if she was visiting someone. 

Nessie stared at the two women and frowned, she knew most of the neighbours and she didn't recognise either of them; she wondered what they could want with her Jacob. 

"Yes and who are you?" Nessie replied cautiously, her boyfriend wasn't expecting any visitors and he would have told her if they were; she crossed her arms not moving to call Jacob who was just inside. 

"I'm Gabriela Wilson... I used to live around here," Gabriela murmured awkwardly, she didn't know who the teenager was but she had a feeling that this wasn't going to be pleasant. 

Nessie stared at Gabriela, something deep down told her to turn the brunette away and not let her speak to Jacob; she didn't want to lose her boyfriend and she could sense this woman was trouble. 

"Is Jacob here or not? We need to speak to him it's important," Emma demanded, she wasn't in the mood to deal with some moody teenager, she wanted them to speak to Jacob and sort out all of this trouble then go back home. 

Nessie glare at the blonde, she didn't know what could be so important that they couldn't tell her; she could tell the women weren't pack members and she doubted it was tribal business.

"Gabby?" Jacob breathed appearing behind his girlfriend, he had heard the conversation from inside and he was surprised to see his former best friend; he hadn't seen her in years and he was surprised to see her again.

"Jake... it's great to see you again," Gabriela replied smiling nervously, she had no idea what she was going to do and she knew that she had to think of something quick; she had to tell Jacob what she had been told. 

Looking at her boyfriend concerned as he moved past her and out of the door, Nessie didn't like the fact that he was smiling at this complete stranger; she crossed her arms knowing that she had to calm down, she was his imprint and nothing could change that. 

"What brings you back to La Push?" Jacob asked curiously, he hadn't heard from Gabriela since she moved to California; he had never expected her to come back and he felt excited about the idea of bonding with his best friend again. 

Emma stared at Jacob, there was no denying that he was good-looking and that her brother had some serious competition; she was considering calling Daniel to come and join them so that Gabriela wouldn't do anything stupid. 

"I'm here to see you actually... we need to talk," Gabriela mumbled peeking at the teenager, she didn't understand why she was glaring at her; it wasn't as if she was flirting with Jacob, she just wanted to talk to him. 

Jacob raised an eyebrow, he was curious about why Gabriela had come all this way to talk to him; she could have easily called or emailed, he guessed it was too important to discuss over the phone. 

"Sure come on in," Jacob said waving for Gabriela and her friend to come inside, he smiled at Nessie and wrapped an arm around home knowing that he would explain everything to her later. 

Nessie peeked at the two women, she couldn't shake the feeling that something was going to happen; it scared her and she wasn't going to let anyone take Jacob from her. 

Gabriela might have been some old friend but Nessie was his imprint and she was going to be for the rest of her life; she was happy and Gabriela wasn't going to take that from her.

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