Coming Home

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3 weeks later

Katniss' pov

I am finally being released from this horrid hospital. The injury was worse than they thought. I also had brain damage from falling to the ground, so that gave me memory loss. My scull was also fractured.

Peeta has stayed with me the whole time. Except when I had forced him to leave. I don't know why anyone would do this for me. We talk and make sure I can remember important things.

The funny thing is, I never forgot Peeta.

I forgot my sister, though. I soon remembered her after she visited. My family only visits once every two days. Peeta stays the whole time. And I know he doesn't know I heard this, but I did.

Flashback 10 days earlier

I passed out again. I guess I was just tired but I don't know why I would lose consciousness. I wake up and see Peeta beside me. He doesn't see me. I quickly close my eyes, and feel him take my hand.

"Katniss, why did this have to happen to you? It could have been me. I wanted it to be me. You don't deserve this. You are too amazing, too beautiful. Katniss, I can't say it to your face but I lo-" the doctor walks in and asks Peeta to leave, and he never got to finish his sentence. I think I know what he was going to say, and I felt butterflies in my stomach.

End of flashback

Peeta comes into the room and hugs me. I made him go home to take a shower and eat. We talk about our favorite colors and I learn that his favorite color is sunset orange. Mine is forest green.

The doctor comes in and tells me I'm released! I'm so excited that I can see all of my friends again. I wonder if things will change between Peeta and I.

We leave the hospital and go to my house.

" Thank you for driving me, Peeta. You can come for dinner tonight if you'd like."

He says, " You're welcome and that would be great!"

He opens the door and all of the lights are off. I turn the light switch and hear," Welcome home!" From all of my family and friends I smile and give them all hugs.

We talk for a while and they all leave. I just lay down on the couch, and wait for dinner to come.

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