Just Friends

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Peeta's pov

I don't leave the waiting room. I won't leave this hospital until Katniss is better. They kicked me out of her room because she needed surgery but still, I mean I just... I don't know. She is just so beautiful and those eyes, they are stunning. She is kind and just so cute. And now she is in surgery, at the hospital.

And I have a feeling it's all my fault.

She was trying to protect me! And now she is hurt. A doctor comes in and tells me I can see her. I walk in and she smiles.

"Hello mr. Piggies! Would you like some bacon?" She asks. I just raise my eyebrows at the doctor.

"Oh I forgot, she is on loopy gas," he says. This is hilarious. "No no no! Peeta no! Guess what just happened no!" I say " what?" She says " The goat stole my cucumber and my lizard! And he ate my kitty!"

She starts crying. I go over to her trying not to laugh and attempt to comfort her. She smiles and says "Peeta" I say "what" she says, " Will you have your hamster marry me? I have loved him for so long! Please?"

I just sigh.

"I'm sorry I don't have a hamster."

"What! You are a liar! I hate you! Why! Wait a second, you are the goat!"

I feel a pain in my chest while she says that, but her saying the thing about the goat calms me a little. "Do you want your family?" I ask.

" No! My family wants to stay home and feed the new unicorn and give it a bubble bath. I want you because we are married!"

Ok this is getting confusing. She's just going nuts. "Katniss we aren't married just friends."

She starts sobbing. I say," what's wrong?" She says "that's all we will ever be. Just friends." Then, she passes out.

I hope you like it! Please reveal my mistakes to me if I made any and how I could make it better! I'm sorry you have to read this! Bye!

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