Chapter 2: The Black Wings Part 2 (Prologue)

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"I have to go." Satoshi said, staring at his wrecked armchair.



Souls from the sacred statues of Azumano city were being absorbed by some kind of powerful magic. The natural balance of the world has slowly been disrupted.


A thud was heard at the basement floor. The whole family rushed to their basement to see the artworks lose their magic. Auras are being absorbed by a vortex that suddenly opened at the ceiling. Daiki then commanded Emiko to prepare for the ceremony and she obeyed, leaving Daisuke under Kosuke's care.

"And now, those who inherit the Niwa bloodline must make the hardest decisions of their lives." Kosuke stated. Daisuke frowned.


A circle of nimbus clouds has started to form above the Central Art Museum.

Satoshi came running down the museum, where he found the abandoned artwork wrapped in cloth and secured with chains. "We still have time. I just - "

"My subordinate within you has told me everything..." A voice from the shadows cut him. Satoshi spun to see who it was. He was astonished upon recognizing the owner of the voice. It was Kei Hiwatari, his adoptive father. "...all of your secrets, even how to activate the Black Wings."

"You're aware why the Hikari's second greatest treasure, the Second Hand of Time, has awaken, right?"

"So that's why Krad kept me unconscious."

"It seems that strong monsters prefer strong humans."

"What happened to Mio Hio?" Satoshi shouted back.

"I don't care. After all, she was only a doll. Even if I haven't done anything, she just disappeared. Although the Second Hand of Time didn't lead to Dark's capture, unlike Mio Hio, she has another role."

"When the Second Hand of Time is destroyed, the scattered souls of the Black Wings will gather once again." Krad, Satoshi's alter ego, butted in from inside Satoshi.

Satoshi then clutched his chest. "Stop it Krad."

"Your other half is very dependable, he even helped me find this..." Kei said with a smirk on his face as he showed the axe to his son. "...a secret artwork of darkness passed through generations. Imagine my surprise, it was in your room." Kei laughs evilly.

"You can't! Someone like you should - UGH!" Satoshi fell on the ground.


Emiko and Daiki were performing the ritual as the image of the Black Wings appeared and the fire suddenly busted, throwing both Daiki and Emiko at the sides.

"I didn't expect it to have a strong power source." Daiki stated.

"So, it's going to be released now?" Emiko questioned.

"What is it?" Daisuke inquired.

"The Black Wings." said Kosuke.

"The Black Wings?" asked Daisuke.


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