Headphone Actor English singable lyrics {IA} Kagerou project

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It seemed like a Pretty average day, Without a single obstacle in my path.

Until I turned on the radio cause I was bored, And I heard..It say..

"It's very unfortunate I have to say.. But the world is going to end today.''

So said some Country's president. In tears as he spoke.


I'm really not that scared of these things, But these words freaked me out a bit.

How will this so called 'Lovable' World end.

I heard the shrieks and screams as this one announcement was made.

I was shaky, So I promptly put on my headphones.

Just listening to an obscure artist,

With Zeros for their title and name.

I heard loud and clear, From my ears.

"You want to survive. Yes?''


Waving over the wriggling world.

I passed by a bunch of worried people.

To make my escape from this horrible world abomination.

Loud and clear, Can you hear me?

"C'mon C'mon! Pick up your speed!''

The voice shouted right in my ear.

With slight fear in its voice.


So many things I passed, Without taking a look at it.

I felt many pairs of eyes on me.

Rioting people; A sobbing girl; A priest praying; Except there was one person that headed what was beyond that hill...

''12 MORE MINUTES~!'' The voice cautioned.

With caution in its voice.

If I knew what was going down.

Then I had no other way.


Running from my crumbling mind.

I couldn't leave the chorus of Shrieks and screams.

I wished I could escape from this so cold reality.

"One more minute~!'' The voice yelled.

But Now I couldn't hear.

The hill which I sought to cross, Was right before me..


My breath faint I finally arrived.

A wall which projected before the sky.

People in white applauded from behind.

''Magnificent.'' They said.

I have doubt.


And from over there I saw the city was some type of Science facility.

"Not necessary.'' One scientist said and calmly tossed a bomb.

I was told I have been living, My whole life in a little box.

And I could only stare dumbfounded at the burnt wreckage that had been the town.

And from the headphones at my ear, I heard a faint..



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