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Vanessa Pov:

I like prodigy, well I think I like him, um not sure, it's all confusing. But anyway, ebony ran to Jacob and hugged him, it was so darn cute!!!!

Me: aww you know what, that's love right there, now that's some real love! *clapping*

Meika: really Vanessa!!

Me: what they're cute

Everybody started laughing hard as ever. Jacob sat sideways on the couch, his back resting on the arm of the chair, with his legs open for ebony to sit in between. Everybody looked so cute coupled up, so of course I took a picture. I made a collage of all of the pictures and post it on instagram with the caption: Movie night with @Princemisfit @ThatMisfitMeika @spiffytho @JazzyIsSpiffy @jacoblatimore @ebonylatimore @dope_star_1 (prodigy's new instagram if you didn't know, it's @dope_star_1), we cute, we cute!!!

I posted the picture and again I instantly got 100s of likes and follows. And of course people started asking where was ray and why I was sitting with prodigy the way I was. Nosy ass people though!! So I went on textagram and wrote a Lil something something for the team mindless.

I wrote: For all of team mindless out there, everybody is a couple in those pictures EXCEPT prodigy and I. We do not date, this is my brother, and for all of you asking where Ray is, he couldn't make it tonight, so please stop the drama, THANKS LOVES!!!

I posted it and turned off my notifications for instagram. So basically all night long we watched movies and acted a hot mess. And of course, Ray called and text me a million and 1 times!!! We all ended up falling asleep at 2 am, and everyone left, not prod of course, at 9 am.

Sorry guys I have to stop there, but im going to start writing a new chapter in a few!!! Love you guys and thank you for reading, voting and if you comment I'll dedicate a chapter to you, and I'll give you an imagine!!! Love ya!!!

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