Chapter 2

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Crap. Aria was standing in the cafeteria and she had absolutely no idea where to sit down. She didn't want to sit alone, but with Ali gone and her other friends not being friends anymore, it looked like she had no other choice.
Hanna was sitting with Mona, nothing special according to Emily, even though Aria was sure, she still had to get used to that sight.
Spencer was sitting with one of her many clubs and Emily with her swim team.
Oh yeah, it so sucked when you had no friends. How the hell did she go from one of the most popular people at her school to one of the most ignored?
Sure, it probably wasn't helping that she spent the last year abroad and the only reason why she was even popular in the first place was disappeared, but still. This was the first time since many years ago, she felt left out. Normally, she wouldn't care, but she had been a stranger for a whole year and kind of wanted to feel at home again.
A line began to form behind her, she shrugged and sat down at a table in the right corner.
She had never minded being alone, but right now, it was like everyone was laughing at her how she was just a little no one and without Alison, she would never have been mistaken for a popular girl in the first place. In her head she knew that these thoughts were bullshit, that the chance anyone even noticed her sitting alone was very slim, and yet she couldn't help but feel self-conscious.
God, she really had to get a grip!
She started eating her fries and tried to focus on her schedule for the day. Class until tree, than she had to head home, helping unpack the boxes and probably it would be her, who had to drive Mike to lacrosse practice.
Hopefully the other teachers were more like Mr.Fitz and less like Mrs.Welsh, so she wouldn't have to stay up late on her first day to finish off homework.
And speaking, or in this case, thinking, of the devil, who entered the cafeteria?
Mr.Fitz, gorgeous like he had probably already been his whole life, and Mrs.Welsh, so failing to hide her attraction to him.
Aria couldn't help but let out a snort at the sight of her enter the right subject here teacher so miserably flirting with her new hot English teacher. It was just ridiculous.
Mr.Fitz turned his head, looking at her. She felt herself getting red like a complete idiot. She only could guess what it looked like to him, but she was pretty sure that either way he was interpreting things would turn out embarrassing for her.
Oh God.
She so hoped he didn't think she laughed at him.
Although, laughing at Mrs.Welsh wasn't such a good idea either, if she didn't want to get detention right the first day.
Why did it always have to be her? Besides, that was already the third moment of weirdness she shared with Mr.Fitz today. And no matter how attractive the thought he was, tree was definitively tree too many.
Her phone beeped and glad for a reason to look away, she opened the text.

Don't care too much, sweetie. Not all teachers are like your daddy. But wait -- isn't that a good thing?

What the hell?! She blinked and read it over again, but the words didn't change.
Could it really be...?
The only one who knew was Alison, or so she thought, but she was disappeared one year ago.
Could it be possible that she was still alive?
And even if, how could she know about Mr.Fitz?
And why did she get the text and not, like, one of the other girls who were hitting on him? It wasn't like there were none.
But more important even, why bring her dad into this?
Yes, she didn't like it and yes, she was angry at him, and yes, she wanted to stop keeping his secret, but if it was this or the inevitable consequences if anyone found out, she would gladly choose this. It's been over a year, their parents were in a good place, and she wouldn't be the one to destroy that. Also, these situations were not at all comparable. And her dad was a good man and a good teacher, no matter what he did. People make mistakes. And, she hadn't quite forgiven him yet, she didn't know if she ever could, but he was still her dad.
She put her phone down, grabbed her things, and left. She wasn't hungry anymore.
She felt someone watching her and couldn't help but turn her head, just too meet Mr.Fitz's eyes once again. She smiled, then, remebering the text, blushed and left.

He stood up from his desk and walked into the kitchen, pouring the last bit of coffee into his cup. He had spent all his free time with reading what his students had written, getting a first impression of their personality and trying to connect every name with a face and a desk in his classroom. Every student was different, some were serious, some a little more relaxed.
Some just wrote their thoughts down the same way they would talk to a friend, other put a great effort in writing everything political correct, like they would write an application. It was interesting to see what they liked and didn't, who they were friends with, what their interests were.
He really wanted to get to know all of his students, so he could get a better idea how to do his classes, how to teach them what they had to know. Some questions also were really interesting.
Sure, there were always people who thought it was funny to ask if he was on drugs or something, but he knew that all too well, he himself had been like that not too long ago, so he just chuckled and moved on.
He took his time for everyone and by now, he was finally finished.
With every student except one.
He knew it was somewhat wrong, but the moment he started thinking about her, he couldn't concentrate on anything else anymore. That's why he kept her to be the last.
He grabbed his coffee and made himself comfortable on the couch. He absolutely adored her writing style. He could see that she had thought about what she was saying, choosing the right words, without sounding too shallow or deep. But what stood out most to him were the two questions she asked.

1) Why did you choose to teach?


2) What makes you you? What makes you special?

The first one he definitely intended to answer in class, there were always teachers needed and if his words could help someone to choose the right path for their career, then he was happy to do so.
The second, he wasn't sure. He didn't want his whole class to know his private life, especially not right now, as he was still at the beginning of everything, but he kind of admired Aria for having the courage to ask such a, well, intimate question.
He had a feeling, she really did want to know, just for herself and not to make fun of him. At least he hoped so. Still, that didn't help him decide what to do.
He wouldn't tell the whole class, but would it really be clever to talk to her alone?
About what he thought made him special?
He didn't know her. Like, at all. He couldn't know what she would do with his answer. If she really just was interested or if it was some kind of bet or something she had with her friends. He didn't know, if she would keep that information private or if she would spread gossip the first opportunity that offered itself.
And even if she didn't have ulterior motives, was it clever to let her into his head?
To let her come close?
She was still his student. He was her teacher. He couldn't deny that he felt different about her than about all his other students, but that didn't mean she returned this 'affection' or whatever he should call it.
Also, her liking him or not liking him shouldn't even matter to begin with. For right now, he would treat her like he would treat everybody else, at least that is what he told himself all over again. And that meant, no sharing of private information.
He had to keep the distance. And he would. No matter what he was thinking to feel right now, it was so not worth destroying his career over. The career he just started, like, today. Literally.

A\N: So I hope you like where I'm going with this story, even though there is no real direction yet, at least not outside of my head. I didn't write down Aria's "essay" here because it didn't really fit and I don't know if anyone is even interested in what she wrote. If you want to know, though, tell me and I will publish an extra chapter, just for that. I love you all and have a good day <3

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