Chapter 14

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North had been bound to Kimbabye- Zimbabwe's most eligible bachelor. Also, his name had the letters 'Kimye' which didn't hurt.

Kanye wouldn't have North settle for anyone but the best. And Blue Face Mary was very different from the Sims character that Kanye had designed to picture Mr. Perfect for North.

"You, shoo shoo! Get yo hairy head outta 'ere." Kanye spoke to Harry.

"Okay, I have band practice anyway." Harry said, before he shimmied away, humming Watch Me Whip as he left the Kardashian estate, sometimes also known as the E! TV set.

Three hours later, North was swimming in her purple pool, still thinking about Harry. She was furious, embarrased, and vulnerable.

"Why is life so difficult?" She cried in Tim McGraw's voice when she came to know that #KanyeSlayBlueFace was trending worldwide on Twitter. 

She decided the best way to deal with this was to call Harry. 

"Kunichiwa North!" He chirped.

"What the hell, Harry," North deadpanned.

"'Kunichiwa' means 'Hi' in Chinese," Harry reasoned.

"But, aren't you Venetian?"

"Er, no? I'm Vietnamese, actually."

"Venetian, vietnamese. Same thing."

"Um, not really," said Harry.

"Anyway, I'm sorry about earlier," North apologised. "What are you doing, though?"

"It's alright. I'm just watching America's Next Top Model. And you?"

"Nothing much." She said, as she thought about all the guys he must be obsessing over.

"Oh, by the way, not to embarass you, but I like how you wrote to Juliet that you think I would look good in a tutu skirt." Harry smirked.

North blushed and stammered, "Uh.. I just thought-" 

"It's okay. I can assure you that I look good in a tutu skirt!" He said. 

"Really?" North squealed. 

They spoke a little too much about Harry's collection of tutu skirts and how he must wear one to school one day. 

North blushed and laughed and snorted and made owl noises as the conversation carried on, and Harry's America's Next Top Model marathon was long forgotten. 

What North didn't realise was that Aunt Kylie crouching outside her door, listened to every word she spoke. 

Kim and Kanye weren't the only ones aware of North's commitment to a certain someone.

"Kimbabye is not going to like this." Kylie sniggered. 



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