Men Are From Mars (11)

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“I feel like crap.” I complained as Ava pulled me through the sand, bright and early Sunday morning.

“Why? Because the guilt from face sucking my cousin is finally sinking in?” She shot back.

I glared at my friend, but she missed my attempt at looking angry. My eyes were hidden behind dark sunglasses I had shoved on my face to block out the blinding sun. It definitely felt brighter today compared to normal.

We were trudging through the sand towards the water. Although my body was tired, I hopped through the white grains, trying to avoid the uncomfortable burning sensation on the bottom of my feet.

Maybe I shouldn’t have kicked off my sandals, but it was always so hard to wear them on our dry powdery beach; the sand always got caught between my foot and the flat plastic of my flip-flops.

I hadn’t decided what was worse: the effort of trudging through the sand with shoes on, or the burning beach on the souls of my feet heated to an uncomfortable temperature by the sun.

Of course, it could have been my killer hangover. At some point on Saturday, when Collin and I were trying to sober up, Liam had called to ask if he could move my surfing lesson. He had to watch his cousin on Wednesday, so Ava told him that Sunday morning would be fine. In my inebriated state, I hadn’t been able to object.

It was like she was trying to punish me. I should not be rushing across the beach in the hot sun to a surfing lesson. That was not the way to cure a hangover. I should be snuggled up in my bed with a big glass of water and my favorite movies.

“No, because my head is pounding.” I whined back at her. There wasn’t even a cool breeze to make me feel less nauseous.

“Well that’s what you get for being a incestuous little skank.” She had her gaze focused ahead, as she continued to march me forward.

“Ava,” I said rolling my eyes, “Do you even know what the word incest means?”

“Yeah, it’s like getting with your family.”

“Then stop being so dramatic. He’s related to you, not me.” I told her as I jogged to keep up, so my arm wouldn’t get yanked out of its socket.

“But Bailey,” Ava moaned, “You’re like my sister, and then you were kissing Collin? Blah, that’s just so gross. You’re supposed to be in love with Liam, remember?”

Really Ava? I thought to myself. You’re being ridiculous little baby. I was the one with the hangover, not her. I was the one who felt like complete shit, not her. So, why was she the one complaining?

Anchoring my feet firmly in the sand, I pulled my arm out of Ava’s grasp and waited for her to turn around and talk to me like a normal person.

“First off, I still don’t know Liam. There’s no possible way I could be in love with him.” I said when she finally faced me, “Second of all, there is nothing going on between your cousin and me.”

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